Take your energy and do something with it

Rolling your eyes about Sarah Palin’s latest TV interview with Katie Couric?  (if not, you should be).  It’s so easy to do that and talk about how stupid she sounded, making fun of her and denigrating the whole process.  I’ve done that.  But this isn’t constructive at all.

Take that energy and do something with it:

Just make sure you’re not just complaining about potential witchhunts.

4 thoughts on “Take your energy and do something with it

  1. different topic: edamame

    you mentioned them a while back and I had never heard of them – we tried them tonight – boiled in the skin/shell – and then popped the bean part out and directly into our mouths – only three of us were home (husband, youngest and I) but we LOVED them.

  2. Lori W.

    Great post; I know even here in my liberal hometown, they are looking for volunteers to enter stuff in the database for Obama. So I’m sure there’s something that can be done.

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