Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

Weekend catchup


I’ve been out of touch here for longer than I realized.  But I’ve been busy:

  • Had a cortisone shot in my knee from one doctor, and told my primary care doctor that I wasn’t psychologically ready to consider weight loss surgery.
  • Took a personal day on Thursday to sleep late and do serious hair things that have to last me for 8 weeks (tightening up on expenses means fewer hair visits, though I’m not ready to give up covering the gray).
  • Took the cat to the vet for her shots and to have her claws clipped.  She wasn’t happy but she’s allowing me to cuddle, so maybe she won’t retaliate by peeing on things when I go back to work.
  • Had a professional bra fitting and managed to overcome my embarrassment to actually end up looking and feeling better.
  • Went to the farm and bought four kinds of apples, combining some of each into a big pot of applesauce.
  • Fixed my wobbly bedframe with my nifty new allen wrench set from Home Depot – then rotated the mattress.  It was easier to do that when there were handles on them.  Grrrr.
  • Did 4 loads of wash, cleaning everything I could find that would go in the washer (but not the kind of cleaning the requires, you know, CLEANING).

3 thoughts on “Weekend catchup

  1. Congrats on getting so much done!

  2. Sounds wonderful – especially in light of my last 48 hours which entailed a get together that I spent a good deal of time preparing for and 1 of the 2 people coming forgot and the other was sick. Then, a major leak at my new house that took 3 plumbers and the county water works dept to fix – meanwhile I literally bailed water out of my garage for 24 hours – setting an alarm ever 60 minutes throughout the night to get up and empty the bucket.

    In the end, I got a lot done – but none of it was I wanted or expected it to be, so I’m very frustrated and very envious of the description of your days!

    I am particularly interested in hearing how the bra works out. I have known some people who have gotten a fitting and loved it and others who felt the recommended bra was too tight and uncomfortable. I’ve always wanted to do it, but I keep waiting for that day “when I lose a little more weight” – I’m sure you’re familiar with that day! 😉

  3. Did the shot help at all? I was thinking I’d get off the table and be “HEALED!” and maybe it did help a bit.

    How did the bra work out? (Remember my before and after photos? :-))

    You accomplished a lot and I’m hoping that your good work will remind me to work hard tonight on my free night away. Enjoy yourself and Miss Tessie.

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