Noah Webster Word Cupcakes

Yale is celebrating Noah Webster’s birthday – not just any one, his 250th birthday.  It’s a big one, so the celebration lasts for two days.  Of course, Yale is 57 years older than that, so it’s the least we can do.

Noah was the Dictionary Guy so one part of the celebration was an “Eat Your Words” cupcake giveway, with each cupcake decorated with yummy icing and a little triangle of chocolate with a word written on it.  My word was “Nutrient” and my colleague got “Caloric” – which seemed kind of ironic to be stuck into cupcakes.  It was a fun event, though, and promoted the man in a different way.

2 thoughts on “Noah Webster Word Cupcakes

  1. catching up with you – loved your bra posting on AFG – really good.

    friend of the girls took all the kids apple picking and then brought us 1/2 the apples – loved them too – but not enough to make applesauce – actually I have never done that!!!

    glad to hear you are keeping up with your medical stuff. It is knee saga time in yoga too – one just had surgery – another one is having partial replacement over the winter – I think we are all getting to that falling apart age. Sharla (she comments on my blog) was just scooting furnature in her living room and totally dislocated a perfectly good knee. . .she is now in a brace, working with an ortho guy and waiting to start PT. . .

  2. I wonder if you can rig up a strip of heavy cardboard or plastic or something with a small square cut in it to keep the cold out and allow room for one little cat nose to smell her important smells.

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