Checking in From Connecticut

Yesterday I had a full day with a trip to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, about an hour’s drive away.  I had wonderful views of gorgeous foliage in reds, oranges, and golds as I tootled along back roads.  The Faire itself was fun but smaller than what I was used to from past visits to King Richard’s Faire in MA, but I recognized some of the acts and personas that were part of the show and mostly it was walking through a little tent village looking at wares, seeing the sites and costumes, and going to entertainment such as Zoltan the Adequate.

Today was very quiet in contrast.  I enjoyed sleeping late with the kitty curled up at my feet, watching Sunday morning political talk shows (at least they are more civilized on Sunday and don’t yell at each other the way they do the rest of the week).  I did inside-house chores like bathroom scrubbing, laundry, bill paying, tidying up, and weeding out some clothes for donation to local clothes closets.  I didn’t have a ton of energy so resting up and just sort of “being” for a while was what I needed.

I really need a vacation. I haven’t taken one since my week in January when I went to Texas to see my recuperating mom, and I need to figure out this week when is a good time for me to take off some time to recharge.