Random Thoughts of Food and Politics

I sit here in a candy-corn coma.  Well, not really.  But honestly, that stuff is lethal and a little goes a long way to push the sugar high and make your teeth hurt.  And yes, I had more than my fair share from the communal stash at the office.

My food has been out of whack all week because of lunches out every day.  I’m used to having a bigger meal at lunch and something lighter in the evening — but not every day.  I’m just not cut out for it and am very grateful that tomorrow will be normal.  Monday I had Thai with a friend from the main library.  Tuesday was pizza with my work colleagues.  Yesterday was Thai again for an interview lunch.  Today was seafood with an Italian flair with another candidate – and worse, we didn’t eat until 2pm.  My system doesn’t deal with that well and because of a last minute schedule change, I wasn’t prepared to wait that long.  Hence delving into candy corn.

I’m ready for normal again.  Tomorrow I spend the morning at the dentist, first having a cleaning and then having my final appointment for a replacement crown.  Not very exciting and very expensive.  No lunch out, no meetings, just the dentist and then productive afternoon working on problems.  What a relief!  This weekend I have no plans other than finally doing some serious cleaning, much as I’d rather hire The Maids to come and do a number on the place.  Have I mentioned that I hate cleaning?  No?

What I really want to do is go out and vote early, but my state doesn’t have a provision for that.  I want these last 12 days to not happen, to go directly to Election Day and getting this thing over with so we can get on with the business of dealing with harsh economic realities and moving forward.  Things will get worse before they get better but if I have to hear about Joe the Plumber one more time … wait, I’ve already heard it five times while I’ve been typing this.  Not Good.  It doesn’t help that on the way to work this morning, I saw a sign at a local church that read:  “Jesus loves you and Joe the Plumber.”  Gag me with a spoon!