Wow, Just Wow

FlagOne of my friends said she kept waking up early yesterday (2:30, 3:15, 4:25) asking herself, “Is it time to go vote yet?”  Just like Christmas.

The energy yesterday was palpable everywhere I went, from my polling place to the office to standing in line for my bagel at Au Bon Pain to chatting with people last night online.  I’ve never seen so many people so excited, so energized about an election before, no matter which candidate they supported.  They stood in lines for hours just to cast their vote because they believed it mattered, some for the first time ever.

I’m thrilled that Obama won.  I believe in him and where he can take the country.  But millions of people who voted for McCain are full of other emotions today, and we need to honor that and work together to move on.  It was eye-opening to follow the New York Times Word Train last night as the day went on, to see the words that people of both sides used to describe their emotions.

My last two candidates lost the presidency, one after going to the Supreme Court, and the country survived.  This is what we do here in the United States.  We have peaceful transition of power and work together to face the challenges that we all face together.

And if you start to miss Joe the Plumber on the news every other minute, there are bobbleheads available on eBay.  Act fast to get a piece of electoral memorabilia.  Or not. Me, I’m sick of him and glad it’s time to move on.