Coming Home

Blowing noseI can breathe easily right now for the first time in 10 days, as I sit in my chair surrounded by a small pile of used tissues and cough drop wrappers.  I haven’t been feeling great for the last few weeks and have been self-dosing with Sudafed, Flonase, Mucinex, and the icky Neti-pot, not to mention Tylenol, but they didn’t do the trick.

Having had a history of sinus infections and two sinus surgeries, I knew it was time to get help (ie. drugs) and finally went to Urgent Care on Thursday to tell them I had a sinus infection and needed antibiotics.  That took about 20 minutes; waiting for the meds took another hour.

But it takes more than two days to actually feel better and yesterday didn’t help.  I went up to Boston with some colleagues for a regional meeting and it was fun, but it also meant waking up at 4:30am to wake up and then drive 3 hours up and back for a 6 hour meeting.  I probably would have gotten more out of it if I hadn’t been coughing and blowing my nose most of the time.  Oops. So today I just slept until I woke up and took things easy.  Tomorrow will be the same.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve been back to Boston since moving here sixteen months ago.  Driving through Newton we saw the gorgeous “painted ladies”, those old Victorian homes with the intricate gingerbread trimming, sitting surrounded by trees in reds and golds.  Comm Ave had changed, too, with more trees and greenery down by BU, something that was in the works when I left.  And the law school had changed as well, in some small ways (paint, public area art choices) and renovated library space. I got to see all but one of my former staff members, but only for a few minutes while on a break from the meeting, and got lots of big hugs.

It was very weird to be back.  I took my colleagues on a tour and kept saying “our” and “we” when referring to my old department, which I didn’t even notice doing.  Seventeen years is a long time to be in a place, though, and it was understandable.

But it wasn’t home.  Boston and BUSL weren’t home anymore.  The amount of traffic made me claustrophobic and I was relieved to finally get on the Pike and head west, even though we still had Friday traffic all the way.  I was glad to get back to my smaller world here, to my spacious apartment and waiting kitty, to open spaces and smaller roads and a different pace.

Life is good.  When the antibiotics kick in, it will be even better.

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