Feeling Happy and Productive

Me at Christmas 1962Yesterday I threw out years worth of WW weekly program booklets.  They’ve been collecting in a little basket since I joined in 2002 and I realized that I never went back to actually look at them.  While there is valuable info in the material, it’s not valuable if I don’t look at it.  Now it’s inside a dumpster and I have an empty little basket to use for other gizmos.

I haven’t been recording my food, eating many fruits or veggies, or carefully counting anything.  But I managed to lose a few pounds as of the day after Thanksgiving, which tells me that I’m doing something right.  I guess what I’m doing is a loose version of intuitive eating.  Having counted points diligently for years and being a reader of food labels, I have a pretty accurate idea of what options I am choosing. What I want is food that tastes good and is satisfying, even if it has more fat or whatevers in it.  I can eat some and be satisfied instead of feeling that I have to eat bunches of something with less taste.  Even if it’s “better for me” in the defined portion, I’d rather eat a portion of something that tastes better and then find I can stop.

It’s a change, I admit.  And I’m already anticipating with some dread the looks I’m going to get from people as I eat stuff that “fat people shouldn’t eat”.  But if this method keeps me from snacking all afternoon, or eating big ice cream servings in the evening, then so be it.  It’s obviously working.

This has been a very quiet low-key holiday, really more of a 4-day weekend.  Not spending the whole time at a family event that has a giant meal as the centerpiece of activity, and not having to worry about travel delays or whether the cat threw up on the carpet to pay me back for being gone, meant that I’ve had a restful time.

It’s been productive, too — I cleaned up (tidied, not deep cleaning) in advance of my friends’ visit on Friday.  Yesterday I roasted a chicken in the crockpot, made sweet potato/apple casserole, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies from one of those little plastic tubs in the grocery store.  I’ve had a few of them but mostly they’re in their plastic box to go along with lunches this week.  I also did a website conversion for a professional group.  The old one was done in FrontPage, which I don’t have, don’t like, and don’t plan to get, so everything had to be downloaded and converted to a different style.  Nothing exotic but it’s working.

Today I spent some time uploading and annotating Powerpoint slides to Flickr, to be viewed as a slideshow that can be an embedded link in a blog or web post.  Also because we’re doing a presentation on this exact thing, sometime this week I’m afraid (exactly day/time are a mystery), I needed to get it done.  I also played around with my iTunes and made a bunch of playlists.  When I uploaded my music to the new computer, the music stayed but the playlists did a disappearing act.  Oh well, a fresh start is a good idea.

The kitty is curled up in a little ball in the middle of the blanket on my bed.  Dishes are washed, clothes are clean and folded, and I’m warm inside while cold rain falls outside.  I’m glad to be home.

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