Look for Moments of Grace

Moon, Jupiter and VenusDid you see the sky last night?  With the moon, Jupiter and Venus shining together, looking close enough to touch even though they are millions of miles away?  I got out of the car and just stood in the middle of the parking lot, intent on the moon and the brilliantly shining planets – and felt a moment of grace, lifted beyond annoyance at little things and with an open heart.   It was awesome.

It’s so easy to get caught up on things that go wrong.  We ate too many cookies.  The computer got a virus.  Our budget is tight and we dont’ know how we’ll pay for Christmas.  I missed my flight.  The cat needs to go to the vet.  The car needs new tires.  My son has a drug problem.

Problems are part of life, big ones and little ones.  But life also brings moments of grace if we are awake to seeing them. They’re sneaky and don’t come with big neon signs pointing out what they are; we have to pay attention to a smile from a stranger, clothes fitting when we dont’ think they will, realizing we don’t really want that cookie and don’t pick it up.  When a small window of time opens to read a bit of a new book, when the baby doesn’t wake us up in the middle of the night, when we try a new recipe and everyone likes it.

When we look in the sky and see the moon and the planets.

There’s a wonderful series of commercials from Liberty Mutual Insurance that I not only really enjoy watching, I also remember the company who sponsors them (not normal for me with commercials). It’s about observing and passing forward an unexpected moment of grace.  Sometimes what goes around comes around.

3 thoughts on “Look for Moments of Grace

  1. I love those commercials. A new-agey idea I heard once: “What if everyone around you was an angel?” Notice how each person saw someone else being decent and decided to be that way too.

    I didn’t know about the planetary convergence — could I still see it tonight if the sky was clear?

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my site today, it’s very much appreciated. I, too, enjoy that commercial, and wish there were more positive and uplifting images out there to inspire us. (Lord knows there are enough depressing things to deal with in real life without watching more of the same on television.)

  3. Pete

    There is something encouraging and a sense of pleasure in seeing ads like this and acts of random kndness and thoughtfulness. Kudos to Liberty Mutual and to those that see we are all here for one another.

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