On my way

ElfThe sun is out, I’m checked into my flight, the house is clean (okay, cat fur is vacuumed up), and I’m packed.  Of course, I still have to get dressed but I’m delaying as long as possible since I prefer being comfy in a robe and slippers.  The dishwasher is running one last load that I can empty out before leaving.

Because I’m going to visit family, I know I can find shampoo, hair dryers, lotions and the like so don’t need to bring those with me.  Thanks to weather.com, I know that temps will mostly be in the 60-70 range, which means no heavy sweaters.  Usually I overpack and bring almost everything I can fit into in hopes some of it will work.  This time I’m being more realistic and as a result, the suitcase actually is a bit roomy.  Yayyy.

The trick is that it’s about 16 degrees here right now, and I need to bundle up and wear snow boots and stuff to get to my car through the frozen concrete snow piles with black ice on top.  I’m a little worried about getting more than one thing at a time to the car while keeping my balance, so will bring the car to the building instead and hope no one else needs to get by (the plowed section isn’t very wide).  When I get to Hartford, I’ll change from boots to clogs and leave the boots behind.  I know I won’t need them in Houston and refuse to go through security wearing boots!

I’ll check in when I can but know I’ll be busy with family and activities almost non-stop while in Houston.  Know that I cherish my blogging friends and wish you all the best for a Merry Christmas / Happy Hannukah / Blessed Yule.  Enjoy yourself, wherever you are and however you choose to spend the season.

Ho Ho Ho!