How Did it Get to be February Already?

Star tarot cardThis is my 500th post which is a milestone and it seems as though I should have something momentous to talk about to mark the occasion.

But I’m watching the Super Bowl, grooving in my chair along with Bruce Springstein and the E Street Band.  I don’t much care about the game, though it’s fun to be watching it all virtually and chatting with my friends in Twitter.  It’s like being at a party but without the extra food and noise.

A few things that have been happening lately —

I finally cancelled my WW e-tools account. Several months ago I’d reduced it from the full meetings+online to online only since I wasn’t going to meetings.  Once I saw that I wasn’t doing the online either, my choices were to actually use it, continue to pay for it but not use it (thus wasting money), or just cut my losses and move on.

I went back to tracking my food using SparkPeople which I’ve written about before but got away from when I went back to doing WW online.  There’s only so many places I can track food and I ended up not tracking anywhere. And not tracking is not a good idea for me.  So I quietly went back and just did it as a first step.  I like SparkPeople because you can see a bunch of different nutritional values all at one time, for the whole week – calories, carbs, fat grams, fiber, protein.

With WW points, although you know that all points are not created equal, they look the same on the tracker.  This way I can see the cost/benefit of my choices with great clarity.  Hmmm, that one had way more proteins in it than I thought; I should have it again.  Uh oh, that one had more carbs and fat grams than I realized; next time I’ll stop at one.

I feel most in control of my food when I’m not afraid of it, and that happens when I plan.  That, in turn, works best when I write things down.  Planning and writing down in advance (i.e., the night before) gives me my roadmap for the next day so I don’t feel as vulnerable to cookies or donuts or chocolate.  Most of my social outtings are lunches at work and I know the options — so planning the rest of the day helps me decide where I can go.  Such as my beloved Pad thai, which I have at least once a week with colleagues.

My newest discovery came from a colleague in Houston who saw me twitter about Glühwein a little bit ago.  Glühwein is a wonderful hot spiced wine found in outdoor stalls at  Christmas markets in Germany.  On a cold winter’s night, doesn’t hot spiced wine sound wonderful?  My friend sent me some little  Glühfix “tea bags” of spices that you “seethe” in a pot with a bottle of red wine, a pint of orange juice, and some sugar.  Oh. My. God.  It’s amazing – warming down to the toes, slightly sweet, wonderful spices and scents.   I promptly hunted for and found more Glühfix bags on eBay (of course) so I can share with other friends as well as enjoy later through the winter.  I highly recommend it.

The broken collarbone has healed nicely and it only aches when the weather changes, which this winter seems to be a lot.  I can do pretty much everything, which is a good thing since no one ever called to let me know about the MRI they were so eager to have me get.  By the time they schedule me for physical therapy, I can probably skip the whole thing.  I was very lucky that it wasn’t a bad injury and healed so easily.  Especially since we will have more snow, maybe even this week!

3 thoughts on “How Did it Get to be February Already?

  1. Lori W.

    I know! FEBRUARY already?

    I enjoyed the Bruce show for the most (I’m never a fan of gospel choirs at rock shows for some reason and I know I’m a curmudgeon). The mulled wine sounds yummy. 🙂 Warm things too.

    You’ve had a rough winter and hopefully spring will be kinder to you with no more broken collarbones, etc. Dumb doctors! Stay warm; we’re supposed to get some snow maybe.

  2. I’d definitely do the PT if they offer it to you…when I’ve skipped that portion of the healing process in the past, I have really regretted it…re-injury, never being quite “right”, etc.

    Thanks for the re-link to SparkPeople…I’m going to check it out….even though I’m not a logging food kinda gal… 😉

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