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I Want to be Queen Latifah When I Grow Up


Last HolidayI just finished watching Queen Latifah in Last Holiday.  She plays a sales clerk from New Orleans who loves to cook and has a Book of Possibilities but never really lives out the things she wants.  When she gets diagnosed with a fast-moving disease that gives her weeks to live, she quits her job, cashes in her 401K and goes to Europe where she grabs life with both hands.

Queen Latifah is a gorgeous woman.  She has that wonderful voice, incredible skin, a beautiful smile, and a voluptuous body, and she has not been afraid to take risks, moving from rap to Chicago to musical standards  and acting.  She’s accomplished in all that she does and carries herself with style and confidence.

Georgia, her character in the movie, simply blossoms and glows as she does things she has only dreamed of, living with honest exhuberance as though there is no tomorrow.  She stops worrying about dieting and dresses herself in beautiful clothes that fit her curvy body.  She bungee jumps and snowboards, goes to the spa and gambles – and cooks with someone who is her idol.  It brought such a smile to my face and my heart to watch her stand up for herself and her dreams and make them happen.

If there is a lesson – and there were many – it’s that life is not about regrets; go out and fulfill your dreams and enjoy the life you have, because any day could be your last.

2 thoughts on “I Want to be Queen Latifah When I Grow Up

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  2. I adore the Queen! Went to see her live at a nearby casino theater two years ago; fabulous voice and state presence, sassy and warm and upbeat. I think her face and figure are lovely and wish I had her confidence re: my body. That was a really fun movie; I’ve seen it twice. If you like her exuberance and sass, see her take it up a notch in the somewhat ridiculous but very funny “Burning Down the House” with Steve Martin.

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