Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

Weird Dream


Dreams PosterI was very busy in my dream last night and it directly reflected my TV viewing earlier in the day (Last Holiday and home decorating shows on HGTV).

I had a plane ticket in my hand to go to Europe (I’m not exactly sure where).  It was an American Airlines ticket but somehow it was one of those “code share” things that had another airline’s codes on it.  I was running around excited, packing and getting ready to leave.  Suddenly the scene shifted and I was standing in front of a mirror crying because I was alone and had no man in my life (something that I don’t usually notice at all).  Doug Wilson from TLC appeared behind me to give me a hug and whispered that my next trip we would go to Cambridge, England together.  Why, I have no idea.  But hey, Doug, if you read this?  I’m up for it.

Shift again and I look at my ticket and realize I need to get to the airport.  But when I do arrive, the American Airlines people tell me that the ticket isn’t for one of their flights at all (even though their name was on it) and I had something like 35 min. to change to the International Terminal, clear security, find my gate, and depart.  Like that was going to happen.

I scrambled outside and went into this weird race with shuttle buses and subway stations that only went away from my destination, and clearly it took more than 35 min. to get there but when I finally did, the flight had just left.

Moral of the story — go to Cambridge on my own, reconfirm my tickets, and leave plenty of time to get to the airport!

3 thoughts on “Weird Dream

  1. I loved that movie “Last Holiday,” and maybe you’re itching for an adventure of your own. I definitely see you as the kind of person who would have it all triple-checked by the time you got to the airport.

    What kind of car did you build yourself? I am hoping my own cars will hold out for a while because I’m definitely not ready for another big payment. but with the tax incentive to buy cars, I’m sure it’s worth it if you need one.

  2. I meant to see Last Holiday when it came out in theatres, but never did and now I’ll make sure to put it on my DVD rental list.

    Must be a full moon or something – I woke up, several times during the early morning hours remembering strange complex dreams as well. Not as exciting as yours however!

  3. Don’t forget — you also love The Amazing Race and I saw components of that in your dream too. I’m impressed you remembered all of those details (and yes, I’d travel with Doug too; he’d be a hoot and a half!)

    I see you as being super-organized, esp. in your travel. What kind of car did you come up with?

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