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Living in Stressful Times


StressedI’ve been reverting to very old habits as the weeks have passed with more dreadful economic news every time we turn around.  I know it’s not healthy but there is comfort, albeit shortlived, in eating candy and salty stuff instead of making a healthy meal or taking a walk at lunch time.

We are facing budget cuts of 7.5% this year with another 5% next year and I’ve been spending my time canceling things that have been part of our library’s collection for years.  It’s not completely bad:  this careful review of continued spending obligations is giving us a chance to really decide what the collection of the future needs to look like.  But the short-term is very hard, as is the increasing awareness that there will be personnel adjustments as well.  No knows what that will look like and that’s the hardest part, the not knowing.

I’m not sleeping well, not eating well, not exercising at all, and generally feeling pretty crappy.  And yes, I know that all of this is connected.  The problem is pulling myself out of it.

My former WW leader used to tell the story of a friend who was facing an assortment of problems involving medical, financial, and family issues.  Yet she was able to stick to her WW plan through it all.  When asked how/why, she replied that her food was the only thing she COULD control, and controlling that one thing made her feel better about dealing with everything else spinning out of control around her.  At least one thing was being managed.

I need to pick one thing, even one little thing, and make a firm commitment to it.  I don’t think I’m ready to say I can do that with food.  But I will commit to drinking 8 glasses of water.  Maybe starting with that one small step I can start to pull my way back and keep my world on an even keel.

2 thoughts on “Living in Stressful Times

  1. I definitely understand Anne. We’re facing big cutbacks; one of our areas is going to lose ALL of its student workers for the next fiscal year.

    I took a walk (of about 10 minutes — I didn’t keep track) because I was feeling stressed out by things, my weight being in the top 5. Short of amputation, I can’t suddenly lose a lot of weight but I can start moving a bit more. I try to remind myself that eating isn’t going to solve anything (except help Keebler’s or someo ther food chain’s bottom line).

    Good job of stepping back from the abyss! 🙂

  2. I don’t know which would be worse: being threatened with the ax or being the one who had to announce the layoffs.

    I like the “one thing” approach.

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