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The Girl Scout Cookies are Here

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Thin MintI’d forgotten which cookies (and how many) I’d ordered weeks ago until the little plastic bag arrived in my office after lunch.   What possessed me to think that I needed 5 boxes of cookies?  Because, of course, I don’t.  I want the taste of them but let’s be honest, I don’t really NEED any of them.  They just bring back memories of being a girl scout myself and selling boxes and boxes by going door to door.  (I pre-dated the concept of having parents sell cookies to work colleagues; we had to sell ours ourselves back in the day.)

So there I was with 5 boxes of cookies.  Of course I had to open one “to sample” and ended up eating one row of the chocolate-coconutty goodness of Samoas.  Bad idea.  But on the other hand, they’re good but I can’t eat a box of them at one sitting anymore, so this is progress.  In fact, I threw the rest of the box away on my way out of the building.  At home later I had a few of the peanut butter ones but the rest of that box is in the trash this morning.

That’s right, I threw out Girl Scout Cookies all by myself.  I failed the test of not ordering any in the first place but passed the test of eating some and then letting go of the rest.  I still have three more boxes but don’t feel compelled to go eat them.  Sometimes having is enough without having to devour at the same time.

One thought on “The Girl Scout Cookies are Here

  1. There’s no right or wrong in this scenario!

    (The GS troup near Kmart were wisely offering to send packages of cookies to people serving in the military so that was a win-win for everyone.)

    You did a great job! Yay for you!

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