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Update on Pro Day


Thanks, everyone, for your interest in my nephew and how he did last week on Pro Day. He did very well, catching 6 of 9 passes and running the 40 in 4.63 and 4.58, which seems very speedy to me.  He did 22 reps on the bench press, and had a 30½-inch vertical with a 9-foot, 9-inch broad jump and times of 4.23 in the short shuttle and 7.15 in the three-cone drill. I have no idea what that last stuff means but hope it’s good.

The only bad news is that he strained his left hamstring in the final workout but it wasn’t serious.  There were scouts from about 18 NFL teams at the stadium, and he got good feedback from them about his performance.  One team took him to lunch to continue talking and he has plans to fly to three different cities to workout for a day with other teams. I don’t want to name names so I don’t jinx anything, but let me just say that I’m impressed.

The draft comes up at the end of the month and at this point he doesn’t expect that he will be drafted; given his injuries, there is a risk of being seen as injury prone and teams may not want to use a draft pick on that.  But there’s been good feedback about being picked up as a free agent.  It’s all good and we’re happy to follow his lead and take one thing at a time.  I’ll give you an update when something develops 🙂

2 thoughts on “Update on Pro Day

  1. Free agent is pretty good — personally, if it’s a big market, he could be that story you read about — the “unknown” player who didn’t get a specific draft pick but is a big part of the team! I hope it works out for him! YAY!

  2. Ooh, what would it feel like to have that athletic prowess? It’s natural inclination plus a LOT of hard, hard work.
    I’m betting a team will come calling–dreams come true.

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