Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

Good Things to Remember

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Got this motivational message today from my  Boston WW leader, Arlene:

We all have choices in our life. You can chose to wake up each day and put on a happy face, or not. Sometimes you have to fake it, sometimes it will be real. It’s a habit to be happy.

You have a choice to eat it or not. I’m talking about overeating, over indulging. No one is forcing you. It’s your hand, it’s your mouth, it’s your tummy. You can chose what you weigh. It’s really the ONLY thing in your life over which you have complete control.

Manage your feelings, control your environment, learn from your mistakes. Want to be at a lower weight than you are right now???. Take some steps, adjust your attitude, and BELIEVE you can do it!

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