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Making a Thought Collage


Thought collage

Thought collage

I’ve been in a stuck place for quite a while now where my weight and body are concerned.  I know what to do, and I wanted to want to do it, but I just didn’t.  I finally got tired of it and decided to get my act together and take a step.  The one I chose was to go back to Weight Watchers, which I did last weekend.  I’m not particularly concerned about time frame or goals; I just want to refocus and take one step at a time to get healthier.

One part of that was sitting down and creating a new thought collage.  I used to make these every 6-12 months, or to mark a particular point in my journey.  Some were happy, others full of rage and pain.  Although I’d cut out things a year or more ago, I never got around to finishing the collage, which is the final part of owning the thoughts and feelings.

I collected some magazines and cut stuff out yesterday, adding in some that I found in the envelope of previously snipped pieces.  Most I couldn’t use because I’m simply not in the same place anymore.  This is a much healthier place  to be.

Since I’m busy posting motivational things today, go take a look at the lessons from the road in Do You Suffer from Diet Rage? over at Sparkpeople.com.

10 thoughts on “Making a Thought Collage

  1. Great collage. I love treasure mapping – and still refer back to Jen’s post on AFG two years ago.

  2. Mmm… nothing says “mature, self-directed and dermined woman” like cutting words out of magazines and making a collage. Then photographing it. Then posting the photo online. Then discussing it..

  3. I love it!! Just reading some of that makes ME inspired. 🙂

  4. This is too coincidental – I’ve been meaning to do a collage and just yesterday cut something out of a magazine thinking I needed to find the other stuff I saved a while back and get on with it. Maybe this will inspire me to actually do it… Well done.

  5. Denise, I hope this motivates you to finish up your own project. I got the nudge after reading Frances’ blog about creating her God box. There’s something satisfying about finishing a collage, seeing the results, and then taking action. Keep me posted!

  6. As you know, I LOVE making collages. I hope you get catalogs like Wireless that have all kinds of inspirational jewelry to cut out!

    Where will you put it?

  7. I do these but usually use more pictures than words. It helps me visualize my goals (like in the treasure mapping post).

  8. I still don’t get it. In all the time you ladies have spent cutting images out of magazines and making collages, you could have spent taking *real* steps towards losing weight like driving to a gym, taking a tour of the facilities, signing up and doing a workout. Or making up a food plan and shopping list, then buying the food. Or maybe you like making collages so you won’t have to think about actually exercising or dieting?

    • Staci,
      This is a blog, if you have to be nasty, don’t read it, there are thousands of blogs, read someone else’s. Or, do you just have to spread your misery around? There has to be something in your life you are not doing, so go do it. If you are perfect, go bask in it and leave the people who are trying to work on things in their own way alone.

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