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I Don’t Blog My Whole Life


Dear Staci,

Thanks for the “thoughtful” comments on my last blog post. For those who missed them, you said:

Mmm… nothing says “mature, self-directed and dermined woman” like cutting words out of magazines and making a collage. Then photographing it. Then posting the photo online. Then discussing it..


I still don’t get it. In all the time you ladies have spent cutting images out of magazines and making collages, you could have spent taking *real* steps towards losing weight like driving to a gym, taking a tour of the facilities, signing up and doing a workout. Or making up a food plan and shopping list, then buying the food. Or maybe you like making collages so you won’t have to think about actually exercising or dieting?

Let me explain something to you.  I don’t have to, but I’m annoyed and want to set the record straight.  I don’t post on this blog every day.  I have a real life and spending a lot of time blogging about everything just isn’t what I do these days.  When I do blog, I do it for myself and not anyone else.  I’m not trying to be an example, just to put some words to what’s going on.  I found over the last three years that blogging every day, and talking about food all the time, was not helping me stick to a foodplan and actually lose weight.  So I don’t do it now.

Collages are useful for me and for others to help sort out thoughts.  Hey, it’s not for everyone.  Criticizing us for doing it doesn’t help us though it may make you feel a lot better and more superior.  If I sat around and make collages every day, I’d agree that it was a pointless thing FOR ME to do.  As it is, I made one collage in three years.  How is this a problem?  It isn’t.  For me, anyway, though it seems to be for you.

You wanted to know why we didn’t get off our butts and DO something.  How do you know that we didn’t? That I didn’t?  In fact, I rejoined Weight Watchers last Saturday and have been carefully following the food plan all week – for the first time in a long time.  I’ve been cooking and eating careful meals with measured portions of healthy things.  I already belong to a gym and yeah, I could have gone this week but didn’t.  I’m walking at lunchtime instead for now.  Not your idea of a workout?  It is for me, who haven’t moved much for the last two years.

I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not.  I’m also living my life, not blogging it.



4 thoughts on “I Don’t Blog My Whole Life

  1. I read blogs(started of trying to find out what happened to Frances Kuffel, loved her book, and then moved on to AFG and then the individuals) but have never posted until the two times today I did on yours. I think I read Jen say once on a comment that these are just fat haters going around being nasty on people’s blogs. I just don’t understand that kind of miserable behavior. Anyway, I want to thank you for still posting and still being honest. You all have more readers than you know about who appreciate your honesty and learn a little something with every post.

  2. Yeah, what Jill said.

    This kind of hit-and-run nastiness seems like a really odd way for someone who seems time as precious to spend theirs.

  3. I missed the original comment, so thanks for letting the update. Anne, your response to this person was perfect. I KNOW I couldn’t have been as dignified as you were.

    As for collages, I love them, and they are a tried-and-true psychological method for either getting to the bottom of an issue or creating an inspirational touchstone to help us stay on track.

  4. Over the past 6 months I have been on my own journey to a healthier me. For me it isn’t so much about weight as about fitness because we bought a Hobie pedal kayak and I wanted to be fit enough to spend a lot of time on it during the summer.

    I have a Wii Fit, an exercise bike, arm weights, a yoga mat, and determination. 😉 I’ve lost 15kg since the day Sarah Palin was announced as the VP pick, a lot of that while watching Sean Hannity who makes me so mad I have to work out angrier! 😉

    Over the summer we have spent more than 40 hours on the kayak. It has been wonderful, but the summer is decidedly over now, it is getting too cold to kayak.

    So now the plan is to get more fit at home during the winter so we can spend even more time on the kayak next summer.

    People who comment like that person did above are clearly unhappy with their own lives and like to take it out on someone else. 🙂 You go girl! And I will too!

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