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I Hurt All Over


I fell on Thursday going for lunch with friends.  I’m terrified of  falling because 1) I feel like an idiot, and 2) I’m afraid that I will hurt myself the way I did two years ago when I did something bad to my back that sometimes still gives me trouble.  But another seriously major concern is 3) Can I get back up?  When the knees are down to bone on bone, as mine are, kneeling is excruciating – and I haven’t figured out how to get up without kneeling on them.

So I was content to just sit for a bit on the sidewalk in the sun, taking stock of my instantly sore places, all on the right side.  Yes, the same side with the knee that needs a replacement and the shoulder that had the broken collarbone back in January.  After a few minutes I managed to haul myself up (and no, it wasn’t pretty but it worked) and tottled off for Pad Thai with my friends.  I figured that I would know if I hurt something if I started moving around – and Pad Thai is my fave food, so why should I miss it?

I’ve been applying ice packs in the form of bags of frozen peas to my sore knees and using a frozen gel ice pack on my upper shoulder, and taking ibuprophen for the inflammation.  But I’m still really stiff and sore.

My massage therapist told me today that not only were those spots I’d been icing inflammed, my entire right arm was inflammed from the shoulder down to the fingers.  Not just sore, but swollen.  I am to ice everything and take it easy, which suits me just fine.

3 thoughts on “I Hurt All Over

  1. Oh, Anne, I’m so sympathetic and so sorry that you fell. That’s one of my fears now too. I know you’ve been icing your knees and taking care of yourself.

    (I had to get on the floor to wipe down something and I had the same problem: how am I going to get up?)

  2. Take care of yourself for sure. My current round of knee issues (2 years in duration now) was brought on by a fall, so I totally sympathize – or is that empathize… In any case, ice and Advil will be your best friends for a while. Hang in there.

  3. ditto on the falling issues. When I go down, it’s a hard fall. I always do the “granny shuffle” on snow/ice.
    ps I just read your response about the collage, sorry I didn’t see it earlier. You just can’t respond to every judgmental, uneducated, bitter, hypo-cephalic, better-than-thou, commenter out there. I no longer suffer fools.
    I would have deleted her comment and moved on.
    I, myself, loved your collage and thought it was fun and motivational.
    Peace be with you.

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