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Doing My Homework


Buddha in SunglassesI’ve been back at WW for two weeks and am feeling good.  I didn’t even care what the scale said yesterday; I’d had a good week of eating food I enjoyed, both out with friends and at home. I’m not going to tell you weekly weight loss because I don’t want to promote losing pounds as the only thing that matters – but know that I did lose and I’m happy with where I am and how I’m doing.

How can I feel deprived when I can have Pad Thai, taco salad, spaghetti pie, pizza and souvlaki?  Not in the same day, of course.  But still.  And there’s my beloved Fage yogurt with fresh strawberries, and vegetables that don’t taste like plastic.  I’ve eaten more salad in the last two weeks than I probably ate in the last year and it feels good.   I’ve done this before and it’s not really hard to actually follow a food plan when you know the details.  When I was resisting mightily, I at least knew exactly what I was doing that was self-sabotage.

One of the best things I do is to use a little time in the evening to plan out my food choices for the next day.  I put it in my tracker and play with the options so I know the structure, what I can have, and where I have wiggle room.  I love doing the etools with the easy online resources for points and better options, especially when going out to eat with friends.  Which is one reason this email from Arlene really opened my eyes:

Wait ’til you read this.. a study from Yale university found that out of 4,311 people who visited Starbucks, Burger King, Au Bon Pain, or McDonald’s, only a ridiculously pathetic number of them (six… yes, SIX!) took the time to find out the calorie counts in foods before ordering.  Granted, the info wasn’t right in front of their faces on the menus — it was posted on walls, printed in pamphlets, or available at computer stations inside the restaurants. But still — SIX people out of 4,311 is 0.1%. POINT ONE PERCENT! That is sad, especially considering that a meal out can contain enough fat for three days if you’re not careful.

So what is it? Are people lazy? In denial? Unaware? Whatever it is, we need to do what we can to change that. Restaurants need to make it WELL KNOWN that their nutritionals are available. And everyone needs to remember to seek this info out when visiting fast-food joints. Don’t be all “out of sight, out of mind” about it — if you don’t see the nutritional stats, ASK for ’em! And/or go on to their website before you go to eat.

Do you know the food values, however you care about them, of the foods you eat out?  Go visit some websites, look at pictures of the food, and arm yourself with information.  You never know when it will come in handy.

4 thoughts on “Doing My Homework

  1. My office orders from popular restaraunts frequently (at least once a week). I’ve started getting the calorie amounts of dishes from the web before I order. It is staggering how many calories some the dishes contain. Just knowing the amount keeps me very cautious, otherwise I know I would blindly order whatever sounded good and eat the whole thing, after all it’s the “lunch” order, it must be a serving size.
    Being in denial is sooo much easier. Fast food, fast calories.

  2. Part of me mightily resists finding out how many calories are in a restaurant meal. When I was a child, going to a restaurant was a once-in-a-blue-moon treat, and I still don’t eat out very often. Therefore, I want the experience to be fun, and I think looking up calorie counts takes some of the fun out.

    That said, the sensible part of me does it anyway, even for something as “innocent” as a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Sometimes I go ahead and get what sounds good, if I’ve covered myself with exercise or light eating the remainder of the day. And sometimes the sensible choice is delicious – the steamed broccoli at Outback is yummy!

    In the end, though, my best strategy for calorie containment is fixing my own food at home.

  3. I have only recently started counting calories in the foods I eat and I am absolutely flabbergasted at how many calories some foods have! It amazes me that restaurant food has so many calories in it…..but then, the portions are huge also.

  4. I definitely pay attention when I know I will be eating out — if it’s not a chain restaurant where I can check nutrition info on a website, I look at the menu on-line (most places have that) and decide ahead of time what is best to eat. This avoids me making food choices when I’m too hungry or after a cocktail…I used to get LOST in menus…now I know before I even walk in what I will eat. 🙂

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