Taking My Balance to California

BalanceI leave for California on Saturday to attend a computer users group conference.  It’s one of my favorite events and I’ve attended every one since this started in 1993.  We’ve grown from a group of 300 attendees to 1800 at last year’s meeting.  This year, though, because of the economy and tight budgets, I know that attendance will be down, but it will still be a fun and productive time.

What comes with it, though, is 6 days of eating in restaurants.  I know how to do this but admit that I’m nervous of upsetting my still-new-feeling balance with healthy eating.  Airport eating is particularly hard because I want to eat everything not nailed down.  There’s something weird and “out of place” about airport waiting areas that just make me want stuff, plus there’s a 3-hour time change on this trip on top of having to leave the house at 3:30am to get to the airport in the first place.

I’ve been checking restaurant listings on the local arrangements website to see what kinds of options are available and likely to be visited, and checking foods in the WW book to get an idea of points values.  But really, how hard is it to make good choices – assuming they are available to find in the first place?  I’m bringing some Fiber One peanut butter bars to throw into my bag so I have an alternative to pastries and cookies out for breaks and snacks, and I’m hoping there will be fruit around.  It’s California so hopefully that won’t be a problem.  Maybe I can take a cab to a little market to pick up some stuff after I arrive.  We’ll see.

I just want to be prepared but not so rigid that I can’t enjoy myself with friends while keeping boundaries around this balance that I’ve rediscovered.  To get myself started right, I’m going to a WW meeting on Friday night before I pack, throw some good options in my bag, and not beat myself up if I slip.

3 thoughts on “Taking My Balance to California

  1. When I travel I always take pre-measured breakfast with me in ziplock bags. Either minute oatmeal or cold cereal (use the room coffee pot to heat water. A convenience store is almost always in walking distance and I’ll get milk there. I always take fruit and teabags in my carry-on, along with trail mix (peanuts, craisins, M&Ms, dried fruit). I’m comforted just having food available, frequently I bring most of it home.
    I’m usually the opposite in airports, food is expensive and generally not too appetizing. white bread with a wilted lettuce leaf–yuk. But you do get hungry with long layovers–I’m never shy about taking food on board. Sandwiches, fruit, cheese sticks, yogurt.

  2. David

    Have a great time in Cal, Anne. In some airports, I’m finding the choices better these days. On my last flight out of Boston, the UFood place had some good salads, and you could buy apples and other fruit to carry on board.

    I second the ziplock bag idea. It can also be helpful to bring something for the trip in small plastic containers, which can then be used throughout the trip, for carrying something to the conference or in restaurants, for putting the other half aside for leftovers.

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