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Quick Checkin from Anaheim


It’s 5:30am here in California and I’ve been awake for half an hour – after sleeping like the dead for 10 hours.   Yesterday was a very long day, up at 2:30am to do my “get ready for the day” stuff  (I’m not a fast-starter in the morning) and having some cuddles with Tessie before heading to the airport.

Flights went smoothly except for some weather in Dallas, but nothing that messed up flights too much.  After the 3 days I spent at Newark airport on my Christmas trip, a small delay and bumpy air was not a problem.  I sat in rows with moms with small children which is NOT my favorite thing to do – but I had two seats “for my comfort and safety and that of the passengers around me” and on a trip this long, it did make a huge difference.

Food actually was good.  I fixed some little sandwiches of Arnold’s sandwich thins (1 point each) with Laughing Cow cheese, had some cut up apples and Late July cheese sandwich crackers, and some tootsie rolls for a chocolate fix.  In Dallas I picked up some pineapple and yogurt at a little shop along with some soy crisps.  I didn’t eat anything after I got to California other than finishing off the soy crisps.  I just wasn’t hungry and concentrated on downing as much water as possible to help with dehydration.

And I had a massage that was awesome.  The woman used a combination of Chinese and Swedish techniques and really concentrated on some horrible muscle knots and tightness made worse by a long day in the plane.  I’m feeling a little sore this morning but in a good way.

Now it’s time to dry my hair and sit down to a nice hotel breakfast because I need refueling.  I can’t afford to do this every day but a breakfast buffet with fruit, protein, and carbs is a good thing.  The conference stuff starts at noon for me, with a workshop on electronic resource management.

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Quick Checkin from Anaheim

  1. Smart travel choices! I remember having my abstinent dinner with me on a flight that sat on the runway for HOURS & didn’t serve anything but peanuts. The man cater-corner from me was nearly mean about the moment I opened up my yogurt carton of vegetables & chicken.

    Keep up the massage!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time at the conference. Glad the flight was not too much of a hassle, other than the early takeoff.

  3. Wow, what a great travel plan and good choices! I hope you’re having a great time in sunny Cali. Enjoy more good things like that massage! I’m looking forward to seeing your pix too. I know you’ll have some interesting shots.

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