I Think I’m Not Eating Enough

Vegetable PeopleI’ve been having trouble lately getting all my points in, and I gained a pound this week.  I’m not at all worried about that but I do need to analyze what I’m eating to see if there are patterns that need changing.  One factor – being unbalanced in getting in all my food groups.  Another is just not eating enough – I had almost 20 flex points left over this week and for me, that’s a sign that things are out of whack and a gain is likely.

One of the WW leaders talked with me and suggested that one way to change that up is to switch from no-fat to low-fat, or from low-fat to normal foods even while WHAT I eat remains the same.  I know that the Fage 2% tastes way better to me than the 0% and the full-fat version is out of this world.  Food with a little fat is simply more satisfying to me than the watery plain stuff.  It’s also real food with less processing and fewer chemicals, and that shows up in the taste.

I’m watching Alice Waters on 60 Minutes tonight, and she was just talking about the choices we make in life and how her choice is to eat food that’s just been picked, even though it’s more expensive.  Looking at my food bills, including today’s Peapod delivery, I know I spend a fortune on food.  People who think that it’s cheaper eating healthy food instead of cookies, etc., are crazy.

But I’m making it a priority to eat fresh, healthy food and a minimum of processed foods.  It helps that I don’t really even want them.  The only snack treat I buy now are those Hostess mini chocolate cupcakes, and Tootsie roll snack size. Each package = 1 point and provides enough of a chocolate treat to satisfy the sweet tooth.  No ice cream, no cookies, no 100-calorie packs (except the cupcakes).  I don’t want to be eating miniature versions of what I used to eat; I want to be eating different things that satisfy me.

It’s like an alien Anne has invaded Fat Anne’s body and is making herself at home.  Kinda weird but good.

4 thoughts on “I Think I’m Not Eating Enough

  1. Lori W.

    I think the steps that your leader recommended are pretty sound — 2% instead of 0. It might be that you’re busy living your life and enjoying things to a point where food isn’t the be-all and end-all. It sounds good to me!

  2. It’s nice to hear that things are getting easier for you. I think the transition to more satisfying food makes a lot of sense. I imagine the 1 pound gain is just a fluctuation — I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a big loss next week.

  3. Yay for Alien Anne! 😉 I feel like I’m eating more (definitely less hungry) since I’ve been on my new plan. And am also eating way less processed food. This is very satisfying. I have to remember this… 🙂

  4. I think the worst thing that ever happened to “dieters” was the No-Fat craze. Eating tons of high carb, high-fructose corn syrup “foods” is just plain crap. The body just isn’t as stupid as our brains-it’ll demand to be fed what it needs (we call it cravings).
    (2nd stupid-no carb diet. Good grief)

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