Making Medical Appointments

Child's drawing of a doctorI have medical appointments all over the place.  I still have to make an appointment for a mammogram (always my favorite test – not) but still, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Today I have an eye exam to find out I’m having so much trouble seeing properly out of my glasses.  I’m on a new medication and it’s slightly possible the changes are a side effect, but it’s far more probable that my 4-year old prescription just isn’t right anymore.  Seeing far away isn’t a problem, it’s the close-up stuff (for which I’m now pulling my glasses up and bringing the small text close to my eye) and mid-range (which is where the computer work is).   I also am using drops for dry eye, but they may not be doing the trick.  We’ll see how it goes.

I also made appointments for my psychological and nutrition evaluations as part of the prep for weight loss surgery.  Both offices are sending me long questionnaires for me to complete and bring with me to the appointments.  Next Monday I’ll be at the psych eval and in early August, the nutrition one.  I’m not worried about the appointments, just how to find the places and whether I can walk the distances or should find other options.  Evaluations will be sent to the bariatric surgeon to help him assess whether I am a good candidate for the surgery and for maintaining a new lifestyle.

Guess I should bite the bullet and schedule the mammo while I’m on a role.