To DC and Back Again

Rain bootIt’s another rainy day here in Connecticut – one of many that we’ve had this summer.  It’s really strange.  Don’t get me wrong, being inside listening to the rain is a nice relaxed thing to do, but the saturated ground, flooding, and constant humidity are getting old.  I went out in it today anyway to take my stinky garbage to the dumpster and make a trip to the grocery store to get edamame and a few other things.

Note to self:  make sure you actually have edamame before you start making edamame salad.

On my birthday, I headed down to DC on the train with some colleagues to attend the annual meeting of my professional association. I’ve gone to almost all of them for 28 years and always enjoy the chance to see old friends and meet new ones.  This time, though, I really found myself hampered by my unhappy knee.  I brought my cane to help with balance with all of that standing and walking (our hotel was still a bit of a hike from the part of the convention center populated by librarians). I also had some Biofreeze with me to take away aches and pains.  The stuff is awesome; I highly recommend the roll-on or spray.

It didn’t help that DC was hot and humid, especially by New England standards.  I know this is normal for the end of July but honestly, I found that easier to deal with when I’m thinner and more mobile.  So as a result of sore knees, long distance, stairs, and heat/humidity, I really cut back on some of the socializing I usually do.  Part of me regretted that and part me was just relieved to get off my feet.

Twitter on iPhoneMy friends and I realized as the conference went on that we were no longer the cool kids; that role has been taken over by the Gen X/Gen Y caucus folks, many of whom we know and like.  But when they were all together, it was clear that they have the energy and ideas that we used to have.  It was a bit depressing and sad to realize that I’m in the old guard now.  I still have a place but it’s a different place.

At the same time, we were graced with free wifi in the convention center, thanks to one of our vendor sponsors, which let me twitter to my heart’s content.  It was such fun to be in program sessions talking with other people in the same session or in others about program content and ideas to implement at home.

Now I am home and much to my surprise, I lost another 3.2 lbs in the last 2 weeks.  My total is now 23.6 lbs in 4 months.   I knew that I’d eaten carefully at the conference while still indulging a few times on food that was truly worth it. Why waste those extra points on just average food?