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Here’s the Latest on Me and Caffeine

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Court Yard ArchEarlier this month, I blogged about weaning myself from caffeine.   I’m pleased to see that I’m definitely in a different place than I was at the end of last month.

I’ve gone from 3-4 bottles of Diet Coke a day to one 16-oz bottle a day.  My original plan was to swap out the regular Diet Coke with the caffeine-free variety, but I discovered I really don’t like how it tastes.  My stomach is not suffering as many bouts of acid reflux without all the soda.  I’m drinking lots of water, much of it flavored with Pomegranate or Cranberry Apple Crystal-Light.  The splitting headaches are gone and I’m sleeping better.

There are 2 six-packs of the 16 oz bottles sitting on the shelf and I’ve discovered that yes, I can nurse one bottle for many hours.  When these are gone, I’ll get a box of 12-oz cans.  From there, down to those little mini cans, the size of the ones they give you when you give blood.  And then that’s it. I’m thinking I should get there by the end of September.

It feels good.

One thought on “Here’s the Latest on Me and Caffeine

  1. I’ve noticed that I don’t have the acid reflux in the evenings when I stop with the diet sodas too. I’ve also started drinking Propel (well, oldest left her drinks here and so….finders keepers). Good job, Anne, on reducing your caffeine!

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