Flu shots, travel, friends and protein powder

Pumpkins on the StairsDid you get your flu shot?  Not the H1N1 version, the one for regular seasonal flu?  I got mine yesterday on campus after standing in line for about 3 minutes.  A simple verification that I’m not allergic to eggs and never had a bad reaction to a flu shot, a little stick, a round bandaid and I was on my way back to work.  Most of my colleagues have had their shots, those who aren’t home sick for days.  Now that our staffing levels are reduced, one person’s absence really makes more of a difference than ever before.  But I don’t want germy people who are feeling lousy to come into work and that includes me.  I do better work if I’m healthy coz my head doesn’t get all fuzzy.

I had a great trip to Chicago last weekend.  The flights were on time and even landed early.  We escaped the tornado watches/warnings.  The AALL work went extremely well; the committee members were in synch and pumped to select and schedule67 programs from 192 proposals for next year’s annual meeting.  You learn a lot about how and how not to write a successful proposal.  It’s amazing how much following directions makes a difference.

After the meetings, I spent the rest of my time with my best friend Phyllis and her family.  She’d moved to a new (to her) house and this was my first time to see it.  I”m a visual person and it helps enormously to be able to picture someone in a place – provides a context.   We went out to eat, played with the adorable shih-tzu puppies, checked out estate sales and did a little shopping – and talked and talked non-stop.  We haven’t seen each other in far too long and this visit was very needed.  Love you, Phyllis!

This weekend one of my errands is to visit the General Nutrition store to investigate samples of whey protein.  Although the expectation is that I will be eating real food as a lapbander (though not in the first two weeks post-op), many patients report using powdered protein in smoothies and to mix in with other foods like soup, pudding, and cottage cheese to boost the protein levels.  I’m to eat a minimum of 60 gm of protein per day and the more I eat, the more I’ll lose – except my hair, which would start to fall out if protein levels fall.

But I need to be able to eat it, not gag.  And obviously all protein powders are not created equal.  All I know is that whey protein is the way to go, and I want to figure out what I want to at least start with since I won’t be out driving around for a week or so post-op.  If you use protein powder yourself, let me know what you recommend.  I’ve heard good things about Unjury, Optimum, and Isopure – but haven’t tasted any of them yet, so what do I know?

6 thoughts on “Flu shots, travel, friends and protein powder

  1. If by the General Nutrition store you mean GNC, I would caution you that whenever I walk into that store I feel uncomfortable — the salespeople are a bunch of bodybuilders and other scary people. A health food store or a Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s might have just as good a selection of actual protein powders — you can even get them at ordinary grocery stores — and not require you to talk to a guy whose bicep is larger than his head to find it.

  2. Clara

    Anne, how protein powders taste is such a personal thing, so I hesitate to recommend any particular brand. Consider buying whey protein “isolate” versus mixtures or “concentrates,” though It’s “purer,” therefore absorbed better, although it’s pricier.

    After trying many powders (you can get samples from some of the online vendors), I’ve finally given up trying to find any type of chocolate that I find palatable, and now stick to vanilla. I add half a banana or a few strawberries, and I’m a happy camper.

    I’m now two months out from my surgery, and doing well. Protein shakes are now the way I start the day. It’s become second nature.

  3. Lori W.

    I have no idea of which protein powders either. I agree with Jen — I always feel a bit uncomfortable at GNC for that reason. Trader Joe’s probably has the best prices.

    I just want to repeat myself and say how proud I am of you for swearing off Diet Coke. I’m in awe!

  4. Hi, I recently started reading this blog – thanks for writing. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not showing up correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Tour). Anyway, I am now on the RSS feed on my home PC, so thanks!

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