Tomorrow is Lapband Surgery Day

Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes and comments as I’ve made my way to this point in the journey.  Now there is nothing left to do (except do more cleaning and I’m so not going there) except get a good night’s sleep, wake up at 4:15 so I can be clean, shampooed, dressed, and ready for the 5:30 am cab.  I need a lot of time in the morning to wake up, hence the extra time.  Plus I need to cuddle the cat.

I’m to be up in the surgery department at 6:30 am, which means I have to go to admitting first.  Sunrise is at 7:20 tomorrow morning, and I should be in the OR shortly thereafter.

I’ll check back here and on Facebook to let y’all know how I’m doing.  Thanks again for your support!

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Lapband Surgery Day

  1. denise

    Wishing you all the best – a good night’s sleep tonight, an easy trip to the hospital, uneventful surgery, and a breezy, speedy recovery…not to mention excellent long term results!

  2. chris

    Congrats on your decision! Hopefully the surgery went well! I am very happy for you! This truly is a magical journey but has its ups & downs. December 20 will be my 5th bandiversary and I am still on the losing side unlike many of my RNY friends. I am down over 100 lbs and in April had my first plastic surgery, a breast reduction! I need 20-30 lbs to reach the “official” doctor’s goal and then can go for my tummy tuck.

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