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Pampering My Feet


I’m hard on my feet, especially the heels.  Because I have super-wide feet (10 4E) with narrow heels, it’s hard to find shoes that actually fit well; looking cute is pretty much out of the question. I shop at Zappos mostly because I haven’t had any luck finding shoes that fit in local stores – and the choices are very limited.   Birkenstock clogs have been my go-to shoes for winter weather; the only problem is that the heels are exposed and, well, it’s winter.  I stay warm enough in spite of that, but the heels have been looking and feeling cracked, dry, and unhappy.

So I splurged today on the works at the nail salon, pampering myself with a fancy schmancy spa pedicure that included all kinds of things.  It started with a mud mask for the legs with callous softening cream on the heels which were wrapped in tissue and then the whole leg/foot was wrapped in plastic wrap.  The toes also got cuticle softener, were wrapped in plastic and then wrapped up in a hot towel, with the whole foot/leg placed in plastic bags to soak in the whirlpool foot bath for 15 minutes.

It was a good start.  After that, the wrappings were removed and I had callous removed, legs exfoliated, cuticles tidied, more callous work, oils and lotions and massages every which way, more heel work, followed by hot stones and towels and more massage, and fresh aloe was rubbed on the legs and heels.  All this while sitting in the massage chairs with little buttons to make the back knead, compress, etc.

She finished up with vitamin E capsules opened and the oil rubbed on my heels, which were wrapped in more plastic while the toes were polished with my current favorite OPI color (“Oui bit of red” from the Paris collection).  The toes dried in one of those little UV/Heat stations while I got a 15 minute back massage.   It was a splurge of a visit but the relaxation and pampering were well worth it, and my feet feel amazing now that they are finally unwrapped from layers of plastic wrap.

My feet put up with a lot from me and I take them for granted.  I got used to going for regular pedicures about 8 years ago when my weight and extra rolls kept me from bending over easily to do a good job keeping my feet from looking as though they’d been attacked by gnomes.  Paying someone else to give me a pedicure is so worth it, with pumice stones, cuticle care, and nails trimmed, groomed, and painted pretty colors.  Unlike a manicure, a pedicure will last for weeks and in the winter, that makes me happy every time I take off my socks 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pampering My Feet

  1. I’ve never ever had a manicure or pedicure. You do make it sound tempting.

    • Hi Phyl – I usually get a regular pedicure at the same place which is reasonably priced. $25 that lasts me 6 weeks works out to only pennies a day, and for me, it’s definitely worth it. My nails and feet are in much better shape than when I try to do it myself!

  2. ohhhh…. that sounds WONDERFUL! I have pedicures throughout the summer and not so often in the winter, but nothing like what you described. It sounds absolutely decadently indulgent and fabulous. I’m totally jealous!

  3. I just had a pedicure too–I absolutely adore them and they are the one spurge I do. I have to tell you though, I paid $40 (and that was at a special discount price-normal $60) and didn’t get 1/2 of what you described. In fact, I was seated on a pillowed wooden bench that got rather uncomfortable. I don’t think I’ll go back to this particular spa.

  4. I love pedicures. Manicures too, but I don’t manage to keep my fingernails looking good for as long. A pedicure lasts me a month or more, a manicure maybe three days.

  5. gosh that sounds sooooo relaxing and wonderful! And nothing beats red toenails!

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