Weigh In Day

My official weigh in day is Saturday, and I’m two weeks away from my anniversary. Here are my stats measured from April 3, 2009:

Can you believe it?  90 pounds in just under one year, 49 of it on WW and 41 since my surgery 5 months ago.  I celebrate the losses, am mostly patient through the stalls, and am not setting any particular time or pound goals.  I just know that in 2010 two things will happen:  I will reach the 100 lb mark, now only 10 lbs away, and I will break the 200 lb barrier into ONE-derland.  It’s possible that both will happen before I go to Denver in July but if not, it will still happen when my body is ready.

It’s a very good place to be, not just in my body, which is feeling both lighter and smaller, and in my spirit.  I’m getting more compliments from people when I wear properly fitted clothes, probably because 90 lbs ago I had to lose a LOT before anyone noticed.  Now my body is re-arranging itself pretty darn often:  I lost an inch each in my bust, waist, and hips in the last 2 weeks.  I have no clue how that happened but I’m not going to complain.

I keep track of my numbers on Saturdays, weight every week and measurements twice a month.   They are not judgements, just numbers.  They happen to be going down now but the fact of weight loss is that there will be lots of plateaus and some gains before more losses happen.  I am surprisingly (to me) calm about whatever happens and confident that I will manage whatever challenges come up.  And I know that as I get closer to my goal, the weight will come off more slowly.   It just feels different this time, in a lot of little ways.

Today I went to get a haircut and was surprised when the stylist made a huge fuss over the physical changes in the last 7 weeks.  I didn’t think they were particularly noteworthy, but then, I’m wearing clothes that fit me (yayyy for eBay shopping).  We plotted out my hair appointments so that I’m at maximum beautifulness for both my nephew’s wedding on June 26 and my national conference which starts on July 10.   And then, after weeks of thinking but not doing, I dropped 4 pairs of Birkenstocks off to be reheeled and headed to the lingerie shop to be fitted for a bra in my current size.  Stacy and Clinton are right: I look a lot better when the girls are up where they belong.

It’s been a gorgeous few days and today we got up to 72 with bright sun and soft breezes.  My windows and back door are wide open, taking it all in, and Tessie is in heaven being able to hear the birdies and smell the air.  Best we enjoy it all now because by next week it could easily be snow.  Spring doesn’t come to stay this early in New England.

3 thoughts on “Weigh In Day

    1. Suzanne

      I know what you mean about changes.
      I am a Yoga instructor which I deeply love. BUT… problems with my weight I find that are absolutely embarrassing as a yoga teacher. I have gotten so sick of feeling like I’m falling short as a yogi when I can’t stick to my dosha diet. I finally admitted to myself today that I hate eating like that. It just makes me want to overeat other things, the things that I’m familiar with. But…this makes me feel llike a yogic imposter. I always fancied myself as a yogi through and through, but I just can’t stand making a total change in my diet. Well, I guess the secret is to not change completely. The changes will happen gradually. I guess that I’ve been grasping. So…now I’m going to take care of myself by loving myself….ahimsa, non harming.
      Thanks for listening.

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