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Wrapped up Like a Mummy


*waves carefully from Connecticut*   I finally got home yesterday and I have to confess, as was true for Dorothy after her ruby slippers trip, “There’s no place like home.”

I am wrapped up with bandages, sutures, dressings, ace bandages on the arms and a compression binder around the middle.  Oh, and there are four drains for the tummy part.  Pain in the butt, and everywhere else in that general area.

Tomorrow is my first follow up appointment and I’m hoping I will come home with a bit less of everything currently bound around me and greater clarity about what they actually did.  The plan was to remove skin only but apparently they also did some muscle contouring which sounds good but is pretty hard to pin down.

Right now it hurts to get up from almost anything (chairs, couch,  and the bed).  Getting up into bed was pretty funny as well, especially with Tessie watching and wondering where her place went.

I definitely need this week off and look forward to enforced quiet.

2 thoughts on “Wrapped up Like a Mummy

  1. glad to hear things are going well (you sound very good in comparison to other bloggers I have known over the years who had this done). Be proud of yourself in taking it easy/careful, and being so matter of fact about the drains. Not at all sure I would be handling that well. I have always sort of pictured they would just have to knock me out for a couple weeks. You are made of tougher stuff.

    Did they give you an idea of how much they ‘took’? Bloggers are always wondering how much that extra skin accounts for on the scale, and I am not sure anyone (with surgery) has ever known.

    Glad you posted, very happy for you. And you were smart to do both surgeries at the same time so you have one recovery.

  2. I keep thinking of my cats and how annoying they would be if I came home with bandages and drains. I hope Tessie is being careful with you. I’m so glad you are okay and I hope you lose some more of the drains/bandages, etc. tomorrow! Hang in there!

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