Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

Three Weeks Post-Op


I saw the doctor again today, and there was good news and bad news.

The good news (and it IS good news) is that the “under the armpit and over the shoulder” dressing is history, as are the ace bandage wraps on the arms.  The incisions are healing nicely and I can use soap and water everywhere except where the drains are.  And deodorant, which my colleagues at work will be very happy about, because I’m going back to work tomorrow.

The bad news is that I still have my drains.  Much as I despise them, they are doing their job of drawing out fluid which helps me heal.  I was close to crying when I asked the doctor if I was doing something wrong, or was there something wrong with me, that I have them so long.  He was very kind and took my hand and said, “There is nothing wrong and there is nothing to change.  People heal at different times and different ways, and no one way is better than another.”  It did help.

4 thoughts on “Three Weeks Post-Op

  1. It’s so easy to go to that “what’s wrong with me” place. Glad your doctor steered you right. I know wearing those drains is annoying but you sound like you are thinking about them in the right way, as a tool to heal your body. Glad you don’t have to deal with the arm bandages anymore. It seems like it would be hard to put them on yourself. Also glad to hear that everything is healing nicely! You look so good in your photo and your fleece pjs are da bomb!

  2. I know how you feel about those drains. I had a mastectomy in March, 2010. I HATED the drains. I, too, felt I was doing something wrong because they stayed in longer than the books told me. I was NEVER so happy the day they were taken out. I love how you write and think. You are an inspiration to me and I enjoy your blog. I will hope the rest of the drains come out soon!!

  3. I imagine it felt good to get out and have something to do (first day back), but I also bet it was exhausting. Take care of yourself.

  4. Your doctor is a sweetie! I know you must feel like there something you can DO (or avoid) but time is the big healer. My mom had drains from her surgery and one of my jobs was to empty the drains so I totally get why you’re sick of them (she had to tuck hers in her bra).

    You look fabulous and I’m so happy for you! ❤

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