Yes, I Still Have Drains

My surgery was four weeks ago today and in many ways, I’ve come a very long way in four short weeks.  It’s already hard to remember how much it hurt that first week (we do block that stuff out of our heads as soon as possible so we don’t go crazy).

But I still have my drains.  I knew this was coming and it sucks, to put it bluntly.  It was clear to me by the weekend that there was no way that the fluid collection was going to drop to 30 cc (1 oz) per day per drain.  Not when I was still getting 40 cc from one of the three measuring times.  So I tried to just tell myself that I’d have them for another two weeks, just so I wouldn’t be completely discouraged.  Doesn’t mean I have to like them, though.

I went back to work last Thursday, actually managing full time, much to my surprise.  My doctor wanted me not to start on a Monday and it was really smart.  Having two days of work followed by two days of weekend R&R gave me a chance to get more sleep, visit the hair place, and buy little clothes for a baby shower.   They are all so CUTE, it was hard not to buy out the store.

So to summarize:

  • I have drains.
  • I want a shower.
  • I’m feeling much better and have a waist and everything.
  • I’m back to work.
  • My energy levels aren’t all the way back so I’m trying to get extra sleep.
  • Baby clothes are cute.
  • I love my cat.