What I Looked Like Yesterday

Flat tummy by altopower
Flat tummy, a photo by altopower on Flickr.

My surgery was on March 2 and by now 95% of the swelling is gone. This is what I looked like yesterday, showing off my much flatter tummy. It was also the first time I’ve worn sleeveless in public for more years than I can count. It was a good time, too, since that wicked heat was up our way. The arm scars are long but not obnoxious, and will fade with time.

2 thoughts on “What I Looked Like Yesterday

  1. fabulous picture! I can well imagine the difference in clothes and how you feel in general. Extra skin is pesky.

    You might already know about them. I know because I have had two kids have minor surgery on their face in recent years. There are strips available which greatly reduce the redness from scars. Highly recommend them.

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