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Life – the Next Stage


I am retiring in October and moving from New England to Texas to live with and care for my dad.  Yikes. It’s real now that I’ve announced it, and time for concrete plans instead of someday thoughts.  What I know for sure is that I will be settled there before we celebrate Thanksgiving, which will have extra meaning.

My Mom and DadMy dad is 87 years old and in good shape, but he needs someone there to help with small things that are small if you’re there but big if you’re 1600 miles away and can’t help. Medications. Cooking. Writing checks. Just being there for companionship and to share history and grandchildren and rainy days and escaping from baking heat. He’s deteriorated a lot since my mom died last summer and I want him to have the help he needs so we can enjoy the next years. Almost all the family will be within a few hours’ drive so I’ll get to see them regularly for the first time in forever.

My apartment is full of things I don’t need to bring with me. My dad’s house is comfortably sized and fully furnished so who needs the extra pots or bookshelves or bedroom set I’m not in love with anyway?  Much weeding and deciding to do over the next months, but I have time to make good choices of what to let go and what to keep.

After moving and getting settled, I plan to delve back into genealogy research for myself and for others. I have good credentials, experience, and will have the time to do on-site research and document retrieval for others. I’m excited to be able to be able to spend time in courthouses and documents centers during regular working hours after all these years of working around a full-time schedule.

The past few years have been stress-full and there’s so much to do before the moving stage is behind me. But what’s ahead?  looks pretty damned good.

2 thoughts on “Life – the Next Stage

  1. Will be thinking of you during this process and hope maybe we can get together before you Go West Young Woman! – Jennifer

  2. Good luck with your move – and the preparation that goes ahead of it. I did something similar when I sold my place and moved back to my hometown to be with my mother. It’s challenging, that’s for sure, but overall, I’m glad I did it. Unlike you, I was not smart enough to get rid of as much stuff as I should have, so the combining of households was a major challenge and continues to be a bit of a work in process. All the best to you in this new phase of your life!

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