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Four weeks to go

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Four weeks from yesterday is my last day at Yale and in five weeks, I will be on my way to Texas. It’s real now, after months of knowing and thinking and starting to do things only to realize/recognize/remember that many steps can’t be taken until the time grew closer. Well, now it’s closer.

As of Sept. 1, I no longer am in charge of anything except time cards at work. There’s a big spreadsheet of “Stuff Anne Did” with names next to each task. My position hasn’t even been posted yet, much less filled, so colleagues will be picking up additional responsibilities for a while. We’ve done lots of shadowing, training, and documenting – and now it’s their turn to actually do the work while I’m around to help answer questions, offer advice, and document further as needed. My office is starting to look empty.

Most of my furniture, and indeed, my stuff, isn’t going with me. I’m moving into my dad’s house which is already fully furnished. But I don’t want to give up everything because, well, this is MY stuff and I selected it and lived with it for years and I like it. So there’s been a long stretch here of sorting through clothes, weeding books, letting go of kitchen pots and doodads. Almost every weekend has had a trip to Goodwill with something.

There’s a table in the main entrance of my building that we call the “give away table.” People put out things they no longer want or need and others can just pick up and take. Since I live in a building with many people on fixed incomes, this can provide a way to add some pretty and/or useful new things, and I’ve taken advantage of the convenience to share my stuff with my neighbors.

Most of the “stuff” has been pared down but there’s still furniture. The bookcases are gone but there’s more. I maybe could have sold the couch, table and chairs, and dresser to students hitting town for the semester but couldn’t stand the idea of living in such bare-ness for weeks. So I’m going to donate everything to Habitat for Humanity and am hoping they can pick up two days before the movers come. That will keep things normal as long as possible which will be good for both me and Tessie.

Although moving is my idea, it’s stressful. I’m giving up my life, my career, my profession, my home, my normal. My IBS is flaring up and it’s still so hot that I’m having problems with edema in my feet – plus i have Achilles tendonitis in one foot, which slows me down. Tessie is picking up on my stress and having some of her own. She knows something is up and it’s unsettling. Little does she know that a 1600 mile road trip is in her future.

Today’s tasks include closing the safe deposit box at the bank, buying a Garmin, ordering new glasses (eye exam was Thursday), weeding out plastic containers and bowls in the kitchen, and mailing a box of stuff to myself at the new house. Tomorrow I’m making a trip to the office to pick up book boxes and some personal stuff. Monday I want to just be a vegetable for a day.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m ready, I’m scared, and I’m tired.

One thought on “Four weeks to go

  1. Excited, nervous, ready, scared and tired sound about right. Change is hard, even change you choose. Good thing you are so organized, that certainly helps. BTW, can you email your new contact info to me sometime? – Jennifer

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