Weekend scrambling

Litchfield Fall StepsI love weekends and look forward to one of the two days as a chance to do nothing and be a vegetable, reading or watching TV or just being quiet. But in these pre-move days, there’s no time for being a vegetable; there’s always something else on the List of Things That Must Be Done.

What things, you ask? Grocery shopping, trip to Petsmart for food and treats, changing litterbox, washing giant comforter at the landromat, offering stuff on FreeCycle and arranging for pick up, filing papers, boxing books, doing 2 loads of laundry, making meat sauce and delivering it with crockpot to a colleague (she’s keeping the pot), replacing kitchen knobs, cleaning the oven and microwave, dumping trash and recycling.

And yesterday I went to the library before it opened to pick up my last box o’ stuff. I didn’t want to do that with people around, it just felt weird and I didn’t want anyone to talk to me while I did it. I emptied desk drawers of personal things, took down personal items from the bookshelves and bulletin board, and scooped up desk tchotchkes. Right now there are only two left: my LaFarge stained glass window poster that I got in Boston 25 years ago, and a pink flying pig clock. They’re both coming with me to Texas, unlike most of the stuff I brought home yesterday, but I really couldn’t bear to spend days at work with nothing in the office that looked like me.

So this is it, the final week. Two weeks from today I should be arriving in Texas, if all goes according to plan. Just saying that makes my tummy jump, as it seems there are still so many things to get done. But I want to be in the moment this week, to make it real.

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