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Too Busy to Work

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I thought I would be spending my retirement working on genealogy and doing house things. Hah. The genealogy, much as I love it and want to do it, has taken a back seat to the more important things like Mah Jongg. It’s very popular here in the Bay and I’m playing today for the third time this week. mahjong-2I’ve never really been a games-playing person but this just appeals to me. The tiles make such a lovely sound when they click together and the images are colorful and pretty. Bams, cracks, dots, dragons, jokers, winds are mixed into different specified combinations in order to make mah jongg. We use official cards from the National Mah Jongg League that show us what hands of tiles are valid each year for scoring. The new 2016 cards just arrived so we’re all equally confused about how to make them work. In any case, this is keeping me busy.

So is having taken on the role of webmaster for my church. Honestly, I need a 12-Step program for this stuff. The site is in WordPress, which I’ve been working with for 8 years, including this blog, and I’m having a grand time updating contents and playing with changes to navigation. The site needs a redesign to make it responsive and generally less green. But it’s doable and uses a different part of my brain that’s been missing the chance to play with familiar toys.

One thought on “Too Busy to Work

  1. I love to play Mah Jongg on the computer and have often wondered how it would be in person. There’s a group that meets here weekly and I’ve been tempted to give it a try, but now that I’m back working part time, I can’t get there early enough. 😦

    I do love playing games in general and it’s always been a bit frustrating that none of my friends were very into it. My Mom has some friends who like to play, but now she’s beyond being able to mentally, so it’s awkward to try to arrange that.

    My nephew asked for an extension to his game Cattan (I think that’s what it was called) for Christmas. Apparently it’s all the rage with his friends in college. He taught his father, brother and I to play over the holidays and it was quite fun – although somewhat complicated to learn. It took a while to get it, but once you did, it moved along nicely.

    Anyway, glad to hear you’ve found something you really enjoy! Genealogy will be there when you tire of Mah Jongg or don’t have as many options to play.

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