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Not my circus, not my monkeys

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circusmonkeyLast year at this time I was up to my eyeballs working on closing out a fiscal year, balancing the budget, sending endowment reports to the development office, and groaning that somehow the library also wanted performance appraisals done at the same time. This year that’s not my circus, not my monkeys. It feels good.

I was good at it. That budget was spent down to .01% of the total. But I don’t miss doing it. I do, however, miss some of my colleagues. I don’t know how or if things would be different had I retired and stayed put, but certainly moving 1600 miles away made it impossible to get together for lunch. I hadn’t really thought that I’d be dropped like a hot potato, though. That’s what it feels like.

One thought on “Not my circus, not my monkeys

  1. I can’t speak to what it would have been like had you not moved away. I can say that it takes a really big effort to stay connected once you have departed. There’s the random encounter, promises to get together for coffee/lunch/drinks and they don’t always pan out. Start to wonder if it is just social fiction or everyone is just so busy. It is really, really different when you don’t see those people every day. Not just in making the opportunity to get together, but when you realize that the common conversation isn’t so common any more.

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