Thanksgiving transition

This is my first Thanksgiving without my father, without either parent. I’m living in their house which doesn’t feel like my own on a holiday spent in this place for over 30 years. It’s a kind of limbo time. I’m alone – by choice – today, staying quiet after being sick most of the week, and taking down fall decorations to put up Christmas ones. No turkey or stuffing, no pie, no green bean casserole, no family gathered around the table. I missed them for about 30 minutes but I’ve spent other holidays on my own before. It’s just that this is the first one in this house. It makes a difference. I miss my daddy and am grateful to have my beautiful kitty girls for company.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving transition

  1. David Bachman

    Good for you, Anne. What we need from holidays changes over time and from year to year. I’ve spent lonely holidays surrounded by a crowd in forced togetherness, and have been fine with alone time. It’s empowering to choose and be at peace with the choice.

  2. SheilaMc7

    Hi Anne, your post reminds me that I am grateful for Twitter and the stange way technology can people in touch with one another though many miles apart. Hugs!

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