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And so it was finished

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After two months, the renovation is finally over. Yayyy!  And I must say that I’m really happy with the results, although there is still tweaking involved and things to find that are somewhere but not where I’m looking for them. I had a good contractor who stuck to the timetable and budget, had excellent subs, and was good with communication, and I even got smart and hired a cleaning service to do the post construction cleanup.

New Kitchen – yes, that’s a cat food bowl on the counter

Check out my House Updating album for
Before, During, and After photos in random order!

I think my favorite things weren’t even on the original list at all: the fabulous windows in the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom; the new under cabinet mount lighting; and my sparkly light fixture in the bathroom.  But of course I love all of it. I only changed the things I didn’t like and now I do. It looks like me and not my parents, and feels great to come home to. My brother and sis-in-law were here to help me put things back and hang art, which can be hard to do by yourself, and they like the choices made as well which made me happy, since of course my parents were his parents and he’s been coming here for 35 years.

So because I’m a lunatic, I held an open house on Sunday to show off the house. So many people wanted to see if, this seemed like the best way to get it done all at once. I provided punch, hot cider, and cookies that my friends made to help because standing for a long time hurts the back. I even had a “soft opening” on Saturday for my neighbors, who are the ones who know the house best because my parents entertained them here through the years. Plus they are mostly elderly (80+) and I wanted them to not be all crowded while they were looking.

It was really fun to have so many people here milling around, nibbling cookies and looking at the house. I created a spec sheet detailing what was done in different spaces, listing paint colors, contractor contact info, and sources for materials. Yes, I’m a little OCD but it was a very “Anne” thing to have created and I tucked a copy in my project binder for future reference when I forget details.

One thought on “And so it was finished

  1. I kept a three ring binder with every invoice and color sample when we built this current house. I have referenced it many times over the years.

    So glad you did this. Looks fabulous.

    Cats look like it will be worth every penny.

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