People are Noticing

When you’re as large as I am, you have to lose a lot of weight before anyone notices. But several times this week I’ve had people look at me twice, and comment on the weight loss. Which, to be fair, I’ve advertised on Facebook as part of being accountable for what I’m doing. At least six friends have followed up privately to get more information about Noom after seeing my results.

It’s been two months now, and Nooming is normal. I’ve navigated parties at the club while staying on plan, and eat out regularly with friends. We even went for Chinese this week and I brought home a BIG container of hot and sour soup, which clears the sinuses for not a lot of calories. I feel good figuring out how to enjoy things I like while not going overboard. Some things are still off limits, not from Noom but because I haven’t figured out how to really work them in. Makes me a bit sick to think about what I ate on a regular basis before begining this program.

And as of this morning, I’m down 31 pounds, which is 10% of my starting weight. Since you are smart people, that will tell you where I started even if I’m embarassed to put the actual number down in public. Anyway, this was my first goal, and I’m there. The next one is 19 lbs away – 50 lbs, putting me at the weight I was when my lapband was removed in 2014.

I’m shopping in the closet now, although I don’t have that much stuff in smaller sizes. I ruthlessly weeded out clothes before moving here and some of what I brought was donated about 2 years ago when I gave up on the idea of ever being smaller. But I do have some things and am regularly wearing one size smaller than I did in January. I have to – I’ve lost 9 inches so the old stuff is just hanging. Since at some point hopefully soon there will be a season change as well, I’m just making do for now. But Catherines had a sale and I picked up some things I know will fit one or two sizes down. There are always thrift and consignment stores, and eBay is great if you know sizes and brands.

Oh yes, one other thing – I bought a new car last weekend. After 11 years with my beloved Prius, I now have a candy-apple red Honda HR-V. I’d wanted something taller than the Prius, which is very low to the ground; that’s hard in a state where everyone drives giant trucks and SUVs. It was not only getting hard to get down into the Prius, it was a safety hazard for me not to be able to see anything.

Getting a red car was necessary; I’ve had them for 35 years and didn’t want to break my streak (14 years with the Nissan Sentra, 10 with the Saturn, and 11 with the Prius). Plus I can find in parking lots! This one is much easier for me to get into than the Rav4, Forester, or CRV and I do sit taller, so it’s a win-win all around. One of my neighbors told me this morning that this one suited me, and it does. I’m naming her “Carmen.”

It’s been a month now

I’ve been Nooming now for one month, and as of today, I’m down 21 lbs. Yup, you read that right. Twenty One pounds in 5 weeks and 4 days.

Thursday I went to the gym on the corner, the one that I pay for every month but never visited (you know how that works), and had a fitness assessment. At my weight and with my physical limits, I knew better than to launch into a full-blown exercise plan without being checked first. I know how to use the cardio equipment and the weights, but the back, sciatica, and foot with neuropathy made it crucial to not be stupid.

They dug up the last assessment I did there, from June 2017. At the time I got on the scale in my socks; this time I stepped on shoes and all. Taking them off is too much work just for a scale. My true reading comes at home; as long as I’m consistent at the gym, it will work. But in any case, I’m down 23 lbs from 2017. My BMI is down 3 points. Percentage of body fat is down. Resting pulse rate is in the “fit” category.

Best of all was the “6 minute walk” test. In 2017, I almost collapsed half way through it. This time I made it all the way through without having respiratory distress. Six minutes may not seem like much, but to someone who mostly sits all day, it’s big.

I now have a 6- week workout plan that is very modest and doable: go the gym 2-3 times/week for 30 minutes, working up to 3-4 times/week. Walk for 10 minutes, do the NuStep for 10 minutes, and the arm bike for 10 minutes (5 forwards, 5 backwards). After that, I’m to check back for adjustments and what to add in. I can do this.

I bought a little clip-on pedometer which is easier to carry around than having the phone in my pocket all the time to track steps. I update Noom on steps at the end of the day. Instead of trying to consolidate steps, I make more trips from one end of the house to another, from one part of the church to another on work days. In fact, I make laps down to Fellowship Hall and back up to the foyer of the church and back again several times during my mornings. So I’m moving more – I was up to 7,500 steps yesterday which was amazing.

Food doesn’t seem particularly hard, though having a box of donuts outside the office door is awfully tempting. But I have grapes and clementines to snack on and have protein, veggies & carbs at every meal. No ice cream, no cookies, no chips, no wine, very little bread. I can have ALL of that if I want to, I just really don’t want them.

I sort of feel like a commercial for Noom when people ask me about it. I’ve hated people telling me about their diets in the past when I wasn’t ready to work on my own eating, so have been reluctant to bring it up on my own. Plus I’ve failed a lot in the past – lost motivation, lost focus, lost energy. But I’m not on a diet. I’m learning to eat like a normal person – because I *am* a normal person, just one that’s too fluffy. But that’s changing.

Off to the gym. Go me!