Daily Quarantine Questions

These are good questions and I’m going to try to answer them every day, thought not necessarily here. But they will help me focus on something bigger than worry and stress as the world changes around us. I’m not actually quarantined (yet) but they are still good questions 🙂

What am I grateful for today? – For getting a good night’s sleep and being able to stay in my robe all day just because it’s wet and gray and I felt like it. For getting some “thank you” notes from church members for helping them be connected to church this morning.

Who am I checking in on or connecting with today? – I excelled at this one today! Spent over an hour on the phone in conversation with each of two friends, talking about life and politics, food and cats. Sent a long-ish email to a friend who may be lonely in this time of limited interaction.

What expectations of “normal” am I letting go of today? – Hmmm, not really sure I did this today. Maybe the “normal” of knowing what the next day holds, since each day is different.

How am I getting outside today? – It’s raining and gray and I didn’t go out. I spent a little time on the porch with the kitties but not much coz it just felt raw.

How am I moving my body today? – I’ve been a slug. Normally I get in 5K+ steps at least, but the most I did was move from my room to the laundry room multiple times with laundry. It is the most spread out I can be in the house, but my body isn’t happy that I didn’t do more.

What beauty am I creating, cultivating or inviting in today? – I created one of my favorite recipes, Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole, that filled the house with wonderful smells.

Doesn’t seem like a lot today, but connecting with other people made me the happiest.

Life during a pandemic

It started fairly quietly in China and has now swept the globe. A pandemic that spreads like wildfire and is particularly dangerous for older patients with medical complications like COPD, cancer, or other immune-related conditions. Hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. There aren’t enough masks or ventilators or hospital beds for the people who need them, because of course OTHER patients also need them for non-virus problems like heart attacks. And it’s just beginning here.

Italy has been particularly hard-hit and has been in lockdown, something that’s spread to other cities in other countries. Streets are eerily empty in Rome, in Paris, in London. And now, of course, it’s come to the United States. Why would we be exempt? New York City is an epicenter, but states from California to Kansas to New York are now in shut down mode. Schools are closed. Businesses are closed, with people working from home, or just at home not sure what to do. And the hospitals are filling up, and people are making masks at home for the hospitals. Yes, it’s that bad.

People are dying, and a lot more will die before this is over. We didn’t take it seriously enough and made fun of other countries as they started to deal with the reality of this new flu-like disease that has no cure yet. Texans tend to think they are invincible and really haven’t paid attention to things we were supposed to be doing. Washing hands, yes. Not being in groups, no. People were going out to eat, out to play cards or shop. Groceries are one thing, but that’s not what was happening.

I was part of it, I admit. Last Saturday I whipped around to about 5 different stores looking for clothes. I was there early, saw almost no one, and used hand sanitizer. But I shouldn’t have been doing it at all.

What I did right was to start about a month ago, when other countries were reporting illnesses and death, to stock the house. Not actually stockpiling (I don’t think) but making sure I had everything and a little more of it. I bought cat food and litter, extra gallons of distilled water for the CPAP, and large packages of toilet paper, paper towels, and Puffs from Sam’s. I usually buy them there but not usually together. There wasn’t a run on them at the time; now you can’t find TP anywhere. It’s weird, because the virus doesn’t make you have diarrhea.

I also bought frozen fruit and veggies, ground beef and chicken, pork roasts and salmon, and oatmeal packets. All things I eat often. And canned tomatoes, corn, and beans to use to make things I eat a lot. Then I cooked. The freezer now is stocked with portion controlled containers of soup, meat sauce, chili, and chicken teriyaki. Unlike some of my neighbors, I didn’t stock up with chips and cookies and popcorn (yayyy Noom, for teaching me to eat better). I was concerned about having enough prescription medicines, but I have at least one month’s worth of the ones that matter the most.

Last Sunday I decided I didn’t want to go to church. The CDC had announced new guidelines the night before, advising us to limit gatherings to no more than 50 people. Church has a lot more than that and it felt wrong. The next day, the church board executive committee and pastor met and decided to cancel church services for an indefinite period of time, and to suspend all scheduled church activities. There will be no choir rehearsals, no Good Friday service. Maybe no Easter, unless we can figure out a way to do it in golf carts and still get the sound to project. But of course there IS Easter, even if we’re not in church with lots of lilies and big organ and wonderful music.

Now is limbo time. My colleague and I decided this morning that, at the rate things are changing, we may be under lock-down mode come Monday, with orders to stay home. We used our work time to do things that could only be done on-site such as updating paper files and processing payroll. And then we packed up work to bring home and set the computers so we can log in remotely. I can do much of my job from anywhere (as long as Ellie doesn’t sleep on the laptop while I’m working), so I will be fine.

It’s time we all pay attention to what is happening. We are going to know people who get sick, maybe even people who die. We might be those people ourselves. We need to take care of each other as best we can, maybe just with words online or in phone calls to neighbors to keep them from being isolated. I’m glad that Daddy is gone so there are no worries about how he would cope, and I’m not afraid for myself, though I’m generally anxious, irritable, and tired.

But I am afraid for my country, for how we will cope with the reality of what is coming. We haven’t seen anything like this, really, since the Spanish Flu in 1918. World Wars took place in other places, not on our own soil. We will have significant disruptions in our lives for a long time, that will require serious attitude, behavior, and cultural adjustments for years.

Take care of yourselves, my friends.

I went shopping

My clothes are starting to fall off, which is a good problem but honestly, I have to have something to wear. Most of the smaller things in the closet are for warmer weather which will get here eventually, but I haven’t really wanted to try on sleeveless dresses when I’m cold. But yanno, I need something to wear.

In the back of the closet was a beautiful gored black knit skirt from Coldwater Creek. I loved it too much to give it away even when it sadly became too tight to wear. But guess what? I wore it to work this week! With an aqua knit top from Kohls and a multi-colored kimono as a jacket. Got lots of compliments, felt confident, and kept looking at myself in the bathroom mirror just to be sure I didn’t look fat.

Then I finally did try on the sleeveless dresses, purchased in Connecticut and not worn much here, and guess what? They FIT! I was ready to wear them outside when I remembered it wasn’t sleeveless dress weather and all the little knit bolero jacket things I had were TOO BIG and looked silly.

Yesterday I went to a few discount stores looking for things in sizes I don’t wear now so I can maybe have something to wear when I get into them. If that makes sense. For not much money, I picked up 3 tops. Didn’t try anything on, because hey, they were too small. That was the idea. But when I got home, well, I had to try them on anyway.

And guess what? TWO OF THEM FIT NOW!!

Alright, they will look better with a little more weight gone, but still. I’ve been the same size for so long, and have worn clothes purposely loose because anything clingy made me just feel so fat, that I have no idea what size I really am. It doesn’t help that each of the items I bought was made by a different company and in a different style; you have to actually try on clothes to know if they fit and who wants to do that?

Obviously I am getting there.