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Covid Phase Two?

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We’ve been under Stay Home orders now for a month, and they were extended until April 30th by the county judge to conform with the Texas governor’s executive order. But today he started changing that, to open up the state and get us back to normal, whatever that is.

It’s not that easy. He and President Trump don’t get to decide when I, and many others, feel we’re ready for normal. We do. Yes, the economy is in the tank because so many millions are out of work with businesses shuttered. Many will not reopen. But coronovirus is still very dangerous and highly contagious, especially for people with compromised immune systems. As a fat person with breathing issues, I’m one of those people.

Many Texans, including family and neighbors, are ready to jump back in as though nothing happened these past weeks. As though 35,000 people didn’t die. Our Lieutenant Governor believes old people would be happy to die so their children and grandchildren have a strong economy. Maybe some would. I’m not volunteering myself for that. Maybe he will.

Maybe we’re moving into Covid Phase 2, but I’m going to watch and wait. Wear my face mask when I go out anywhere except, right now, to my locked down workplace, when I’m driving my golf cart, and when I’m out in my own yard. Wash my hands a lot. Keep at least 6 feet of distance between people when I happen to see them. No hugs, no travel, no eating out, no shopping, no church.

Lots of Americans don’t much care about what’s happening in New York. It’s far away, it’s city, it’s not Texas, it’s liberal, it’s abstract. But I grew up in New Jersey, lived in Connecticut, and was in Boston during 9/11. New York is a real place to me. I have friends there, including some who had and recovered from the virus. Thank God, no one I know has died. I’d like to keep it that way.

One thought on “Covid Phase Two?

  1. Very well said. I completely agree. I wish more people were as sensible as you. I also wish testing was available. Stay well and congrats on your Noom success! I just celebrated a year clean and sober so I can relate.

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