It’s been quite a week

My dad planted this tree in 1986 – look at it now!

We started with a wicked wind storm on Sunday night, leaving debris of branches, twigs, leaves, and, in my case some asphalt roof tiles. My pecan trees lost some branches but nothing really big, which was a blessing. But finding roof tiles brought me up short. They were in my front and back yards, and neighbors also found some. After a talk with the insurance people, a roof inspector is coming tomorrow to check it out and discuss whether we just repair it or replace the roof for a hefty deductible.

On Monday the tree maintenance people were here after a month of trying to coordinate schedules. Everyone thought they were cleaning up storm damage but no, they were just doing some major pruning and then cleanup of not only their mess but also the yard debris from the storm. I have 3 pecans trees and a huge water oak that my dad planted in 1986.

Wednesday was the eye doctor for my annual visit. My left eye in particullar has been giving me fits for about six months and now I know why: the cataracts are finally bad enough to qualify me for surgery. Yayyy! Except, oops, expensive. Good thing I can wait until next year or the year after to do it, even though the cataracts will continue to get worse. In the meantime, new glasses were definitely needed. Since the last two pairs I got were from cheaper places and I hated both of them, I decided to just bite the bullet and get them from a better quality (and more expensive) place.

Today, Thursday, I had a trip to the knee doctor. Remember those knee problems I wrote about? Well, I’ve torn the MCL and some other tissue around the right knee and the kneecap is sort of floating around without much support for the joint. This explains why it feels as though it will buckle – because it might! What I need is revision knee replacement surgery, but I am too fat for them to consider it now. That’s not actually how he phrased it, but I need to get the BMI to 40 or lower. I’m figuring that’s about another 40 pounds on top of the 55 I’ve already lost. On the other hand, I showed him the app from my Renpho scale that shows my current BMI (46.2) and that it’s already come down 9.8 points since January.

Because the knee is such a mess, it needs help to be stabilized until I can have surgery again. Not that I’m excited about having it, but I know what it will fix. So in the meantime, I’m referred to an orthopedic center to have a knee brace made for me because off the shelf ones won’t fit because I’m too fluffy. The doctor was not mean or critical; he was very straightforward and I actually felt heard and supported rather than put down because of my size.

And because the knee is a mess, it will change my exercise options. Until I get the knee brace, I’m not to do much of anything. When I get it, I’m to do low-impact exercise and if it hurts, to stop. I know from previous experience with tricky knees that my best bet will be water walking in the pool – but I don’t know when I can do the pool because of sinus surgery recovery. In theory I know I can just not put my head under water, but in reality, I will forget because I *always* put my head under water. Just to be sure of my options, I have an email in to my ENT to find out what my limits are there.

Tomorrow the golf cart goes in to (finally) get a new enclosure and a new dashboard to replace one held together with duct tape. Dad’s touch, not mine. I’m also getting new tires. I may or may not be getting a new seat covers and steering wheel. I think I ordered them back in May but we’ll see. It will be expensive enough as it is.

Oh, and I got a hair cut. And went to work. It’s not boring around here. And for fun, we have this: