Feeling disgruntled

I belong to several targeted Facebook groups – some for genealogy, some for shared interests, some for church administrators, some for weight loss. I’m in two for people on Noom.

But I’m now aware that some if not many of the people in the Noom group aren’t using Noom at all. They may have been on it for a while and had some success or not, but moved on to My Fitness Pal or something else – but they’re still in the group. And it’s annoys me because I feel like they’re not being honest. It was a criteria for joining.

I understand not wanting to pay for Noom if you can get what you consider the main tools for free. I understand being sick of the articles themselves and the Rah-Rah Noom-Nerdiness of the articles. I understand frustration with incorrect or inadequate food tracking.

But why stay in a group for people following a program if you’re not following the program anymore? I’m following the rules and I guess I wish other people were, too. At the same time, I understand their wanting to stay in a supportive group for people with a LOT of weight to lose. But why not find another group for people with a lot of weight to lose who use the program they’re actually following?

I don’t get it. And I’m annoyed. I have to get over myself because this has been a helpful resource, but I’m finding that I’m separating myself from discussions. I’m posting this here and not on the list because I don’t want to be a killjoy or a pariah. No one is policing this group – why should I? No one elected me to do it either. I’m still annoyed, though.

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