And now I have a mink bear

My mom had beautiful fur coats but was so tiny that there was no way I could ever wear them. Plus I’m in Texas now and it’s hot; I barely wear a winter coat most years. So I gave the beaver and silver fox coats to her grandaughters in Colorado who will love and be able to use them. But the mink jacket hung in the closet for years without me knowing what to do with it.

So I had it made into a mink bear.

I know, it’s kind of an indulgent thing to do with a beautiful fur, but it was getting elderly and I had no other use for it. And having done some research (yeah, I do this a lot on just about everything), the monetary value was only a few hundred dollars.

So I sent it to Fairy Godmother Creations in Dayton, Ohio. They did some lovely work for me a few years ago, transforming my mom’s wedding dress into beautiful pillows and angel Christmas tree toppers. I see the pillows every day and think of my mom and my grandmother, who made the dress.

And now I have this really nice, very soft fully jointed mink bear to also remind me of my mom. The paws and the inside of the ears are made from the lining of the jacket. This is a boy bear, though, and I’ve named him William for my father and both of my grandfathers – and their fathers, too, for that matter, but mostly for my dad. He was generous and loving and gave the jacket to my mom who wore and loved it for years.

Merry Christmas to me.

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