New Year’s Eve, One year later

I signed up for Noom on New Year’s Eve 2019 and began changing my life and my food habits on New Year’s Day 2020. It sure has been a crazy messed up year in many ways but I’m both happy and proud that I maintained my focus and lost (and kept off) 60 pounds – and know how I did it and how to keep going. Because I can’t go back. I’m still fat (tho I like the term “fluffy” better) and will never be skinny. But I’m a lot healthier than I was one year ago, and that was definitely my goal. It continues to be. I have goals for 2021 but right now I wanted to just mark and celebrate the progress I made. See for yourself.

Then – New Year’s Eve 2019 – 310 lbs
Now – New Year’s Eve 2020 – 250 lbs

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