Feeling Fragile Today

Did I mention that I fell again this week? This time it wasn’t my knee or a balance problem. Instead, on a beautiful snowy day (which was really lovely for this transplanted New Englander to have), I drove home and promptly slipped on a puddle of slush and fell with a crash to the garage floor. The very cold, very wet concrete floor. My head jerked, I smacked the left elbow on the golf cart, and hit hard on my right hip. Yup, that side. The same one with the neuropathy in the foot and the torn MCL. Now my whole right side is very stiff and sore and sitting for any length of time, even on a soft cushy pillow, is very uncomfortable. Falling on carpet was a lot easier. Note to self: Work on not falling at all.

So my body is feeling fragile. My ego is, too, because I lost an election to the club/HOA board. I knew going into it that there was at least a 50% chance I wouldn’t win: there were 6 candidates for 3 positions. And honestly, I’m happy that I’m not going to have to deal with actually being on the board for the next three years. But there is still some hurt that I lost, though I’m in excellent company with the other losers. Enough hurt that the last bits of my chocolate stash are gone today. Note to self: Don’t run again. Lesson learned.

And my soul is fragile today as the president was impeached for inciting the insurrection and attack on the Capitol last week. They did so today in what is a crime scene. I am terribly afraid of what is going to happen next. I’m baffled by the many who still believe that the election was unfair just because he said so without any evidence. I’m feeling so lonely here in East Texas, feeling like a lone Maine blueberry in a great big bright red cherry pie. So I watch TV news, knowing I’m watching too much of it but unable to look away. Because I don’t want the world to blow up around me without my understanding why.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Fragile Today

  1. Vickie

    My sixth try to leave this comment. Not sure what keeps happening. . .

    We put an area rug in our garage for this very reason.

    3 car garage, double bay has cars.

    We come in and out of the single garage door on foot (that has a keypad) and it can be very slippery stepping in winter. A friend fell in our garage. One of the kids fell too.

    Our neighbor replaced her large family room rug and her old rug is now in our little bay. We roll the lawnmower and wheelbarrow over the rug with no worries. My husband uses the rake, broom and then vacuum on it several times a year.

    We have industrial firm/solid/large rugs on the inside and the outside of both house doors, so it is very solid stepping. These are the type of mats you would see in an office building or grocery lobby.

    A long industrial runner would work in some areas too. The industrial rugs came from Mennards which is like Lowes or home depot. They are big, not just a little door mat.

    Our backdoor neighbor had their garage floor and a screened in porch floor treated with some type of paint/grit mixture. I would not recommend it. It was VERY stinky application process. They had to come back and strip and do it again, it was not gritty enough. I am not sure it worked. It was very expensive. The garage had to be emptied (twice).

  2. Anna Belle Leiserson

    Dearest Maine Blueberry,

    Oh my. I hope this finds you feeling much, much better — body and soul. It’s gorgeous here in Nashville and I hope it is so in East Texas too.

    These days when I hit bad spells (had a nasty one Sunday) and I realize that one of my main needs is to heal (which usually makes me mad — shouldn’t I be healed already?), I then look at this strife ridden country and know that my deepest wish for us as a nation is that we heal. May I heal. May you heal. May we all heal.

    Also, two of things I most respect about our soon-to-be President are that he is compassionate in a way I’ve never seen in a politician and he is devout in his religious practices. I just read that he’s already been to church today. And elsewhere I’ve read he always has a rosary in his pocket. I have a guess that these two things may bring you comfort too.

    So may you find much respite, hope, and joy today.

    Love you.

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